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Dying Light is a fantasy/sci-fi/post apocalyptic boffer LARP Running in the Portland, Oregon area.

The game takes place in a plane called "The Nexus". Players create a character and assume the persona of that character through which they interact with others players in a world of magic, technology, hidden wonders, fearsome truths and disturbing secrets. Players use Nerf guns and boffer weapons to enact a freeform theatrical style of combat.

To get more of a feel for the game world read the Intro here on our Wiki.

The Dying light game system is owned by Brian Ragsdale.
Games are run by Oregon Interactive Literature

Visit us on FacebookVisit us on Facebook. Email us at:DyingLightLarp@gmail.com


Our current ruleset for the 2014 gaming season. Links to weapon construction guidelines will come in the future.

The 2014 Rules release


We'll get photos and videos here later. Like most things in life, this is still a work in progress.

The Crew

Director - Brian RagsdaleHead - Thomas WhiteHead - Brian Ragsdale
CFO - Elisa FordBrian RagdaleKevin Meiwes
Adam LoretteThomas White
Jessica MannJessica Mann
Kevin Meiwes
Head - Elisa FordHead - Thomas WhiteHead - Thomas White
Jessica MannElisa FordElise Larson
Brian Ragsdale