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Core Mechanics


Damage: If you are touched with something (Nerf dart, spell packet, boffer) while a number and sig call are made you subtract that number from your HP. If you have a defense against that damage type then subtract your defense from the original number. I.e. with 5 armor if you are struck with a “10 edge” damage call, you would subtract 5 HP.

Dodges: Dodges allow you avoid all basic attacks. If a feat is not stated with them, such as ‘Lethal’ then you may call dodge to avoid the attack hitting your character. All dodges refresh after 10 minutes of rest.

Healing Magic: Healing simply adds HP back till you reach your current maximum. If you’re touched with “10 Life” you add back to your HP. You must wait 60 seconds after being attacked (damaging or not) before healing magic will work. Only Empowered healing and Life-giver bypass this rule.