Beastmen are a race of bovid-humanoid hybrids.  Characteristically bovids are cloven-hoofed, ruminant mammals with unbranching horns such as those of a goat or bull.  All Beastmen have horns, while many also possess digitigrade hindquarters, hooves, fur, and tails.  The maximum racial ability score for Beastmen is ten with an exception of twelve for their Strength.  Beastmen receive either one Warrior Feat or may choose to have the natural weaponry of Claws as their racial bonus.

This race is not native to the Nexus and accounts to their origination differ; Beastmen claim to come from a realm called the Dreaming, while the Fey argue that the race is a result of Elvin experiments during the Gate War.  This society is typically very tribal and war-like, showing high regard for acts of strength, bravery, and prowess while hunting.  The Beastmen at large place great importance on the size of their horns—larger horns signifying strength and virility.  The lifespan of a Beastman can extend to approximately 80 years.

Beastmen clothing is usually very tribal in design, with the fur and leathers of fallen prey along with preserved trophies to adorn their costume.

Racial Costume Requirement: Horns

Racial Bonus: One Warrior Feat or Claws