Character Advancement


Just like in real life, as we experience more we grow and learn new skills. Dying light represents this growth through giving characters additional skill points to spend.


There are several ways to get more skill points for you to spend on adding additional skills to your character. The details of those costs and restrictions are covered in Chapters two and three.



For every game that you attend, you are eligible to receive skill points for the character you played. Blanket is awarded to all players provided that the campsite has been cleaned and ready to present to the rangers by checkout time.


This keeps us in good standing with the campsites we use and helps encourage our community approach. Please focus on cleaning and packing up your personal belongings and the area you were using.


The amount of skill points your character will receive from Blanket is dependent on the total skill points your character currently has. It is a sliding scale to help keep the game balanced and fun for everyone playing. See Table 6.1 to determine how much your character can be awarded.


Table 6.1 – Blanket Skill Points Awarded

Current Skill Points

Amount Awarded











Bribe is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for assisting with the game. Bribe is something like a currency, in that you can exchange bribe for various benefits. See table 6.2 for the current list of what is available to exchange for Bribe.


We will award bribe for most things done to help out the org. For instance the donations of packets, costumes, props, and cash will all give you bribe. In addition, taking time away from playing your character and offering to run one of the ‘None Player Characters’ that help to represent the world will also net you some bribe.


Your donation may be tax deductible. Check with the owner for details.


We limit the amount of bribe you may use per game to 750 points, when used to convert to skill points.


Table 6.2 – Bribe Rewards

Bribe Cost



1 skill point for any character


1 in game credit(our monetary system)