Character building questions

The next stage of character creation is spending Skill Points for your character. However before moving forward into this last step of Character Creation, you may wish to spend some time developing a more in depth character background. As this can greatly assist you in choosing which skills to assign too your character, making your starting experience that much more fulfilling.

Please peruse the world guide on our website and feel free to contact or PR team or talk to folks on the forums to get some ideas for the following.

What follows are some suggested questions to consider for your character:

Where are you from?

 What brings you to Oasis?

 Why are you staying in Oasis?

 What do you spend your time doing when you aren’t <Fighting, digging graves, underwater basket weaving, selling goods, ect…>?

The following two chapters: Skills and Path Skills, Feats, and Epic Feats, will detail the final steps needed to complete a beginning character.