Community Standards

Be respectful of everyone. Before touching another player, ask permission.

Dying Light will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical, or mental disability, or age (excepting our minimum age requirement of 18 years old.) We expect the same of our players.  Respect also includes refraining from vulgar displays of temper. Everyone has moments where they are upset, disappointed, or unhappy (and that’s ok) but this doesn’t give players license to lash out.

We recommend players ask out of game “Do you accept physical role-play?” to the player being acted upon and then describe the action. The receiving player may give the go ahead, at which time the scene plays out as described. Should the player decline, the scene is described by the actor, at which time play resumes. Witnesses are to treat the described scene as if it physically occurred. Err on the side of caution on this one, comfort levels can vary depending on person and the scene. Violating another person’s physical space can be uncomfortable at best and a form of bullying at worst.

Follow the game rules, don’t meta-game

If you find a loophole, tell us. If we find a loophole, we reserve the right to correct problematic interpretations as needed. If you have a question regarding what a rule means, a member of our Rules team will be happy to answer any concerns you have. Rules Lawyers are a giant wet blanket on fun, and players who repeatedly exploit or argue about loopholes will be issued a warning.

Metagaming is the use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character’s actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances. This can refer to plot information in the game such as secrets or events occurring away from the character, as well as facets of the game’s mechanics such as abstract statistics or the precise limits of abilities. Metagaming is an example of “breaking character”, as the character is making decisions based on information they couldn’t know and thus would not make in reality.

Don’t be intoxicated.

We here at Dying Light feel that boffer weapon combat and any substance that impairs your judgment are a bad mix. For the safety of the group, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession or consumption of these items at game.

Don’t create a hostile environment detrimental to the enjoyment of the group as a whole. Including engaging in online or in person harassment.

Our aim is to cooperatively tell stories, while having fun at events. Sometimes that can involved conflict that arises between player characters. Even when there is character conflict, we still want this to be a cooperative environment. Check in with the players and make sure that they are OK with continuing the character conflict. This is particularly important when interacting with players who are new to our game.

Don’t create a character who is designed to antagonize or take advantage of other players. This kind of character is negatively viewed by most players and only hurts the gaming environment.

Playing a character can cause a lot of emotions to rise up, and it can be difficult to separate the characters emotions and start to associate them with the player. Check in with the other player(s) after a particularly heated exchange, take a moment to reconnect as a fellow player or friend and make sure that you are both still wanting your characters to interact in the way they have been.

It is never appropriate to start harassing another player, either in person or online. It doesn’t matter how it starts, or how you are feeling. If you run into a conflict that you are having a difficult time addressing, then contact our conflict resolution team to help out.

In short, be aware of how your actions and behaviors are affecting other people and the community at large.

Substantiated sexual assault allegations or felony crimes disqualify players.

We take player safety and security seriously. Should Dying Light learn of a substantiated sexual assault allegation or other felony crime, the player will be permanently banned. If staff becomes aware that you participated in a felony crime, witnesses you committing one in or out of game, or becomes aware of a felony crime in your record as an adult, you will be banned. This is a firm rule with only two exceptions: a state felony arrest or conviction regarding civil disobedience, or a non-violent offender. Should you possess a conviction which falls under these exceptions, tell us. We are much more likely to work with a player who has been open and honest about their past.

Don’t steal, willfully damage, or willfully destroy property.

It’s important to respect everyone’s property. We have very distinct guidelines on how theft is to be accomplished in game. Any theft that is committed outside of those guidelines is an unlawful activity and will be handled as such.

Wear and tear on items that you bring to any LARP is to be expected. Willful damage or destruction of property, however, is not acceptable. Re-compensation to the owner of the property will be expected.

For either item, if need be, we will get law enforcement involved.

Bullying, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment and other forms of social aggression will not be tolerated or ignored.

Social predators can manifest a variety of unhealthy behaviors, most of which involve dominating, excluding and abusing vulnerable individuals in a variety of social settings. Because LARPing is inherently a social event which has a tradition of being “accepting of everyone,” it is especially attractive to these types of individuals. Dying Light does not tolerate social aggression in any form. Should our staff become aware of a player behaving in such a way, we will immediately remove the offender and take steps in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the target. At Dying Light, we have one member of staff who is formally trained to identify, intervene and provide support in these situations. We consider this rules violation to be a serious offense and will handle the situation accordingly, which may include contacting the authorities.

Rape and sexual assault are off-limits subjects, both in play and in character back story.

There is only one forbidden subject with Dying Light. That subject is rape. We do not think that a real life subject that causes so much emotional havoc is appropriate for the game. Plot will never touch this subject, neither will players. This includes back stories. We don’t care if you kill, steal, kidnap, or torture people, as long as rape doesn’t come up.