At your first game, please be ready to show us proof of age. At this time, we cannot accommodate accompanied minors or minors with permission slips. First time players will be asked to produce proof of age at check in. Acceptable proof is defined as any document issued by the State or county, city, or the federal government. A driver’s license, state-issued ID or a passport will work just fine.


Be respectful of both players and staff. Dying Light will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical, or mental disability, or age (excepting our minimum age requirement of 18 years old.) We expect the same of our players.  Respect also includes refraining from vulgar displays of temper. Everyone has moments where they are upset, disappointed, or unhappy (and that’s ok) but this doesn’t give players license to lash out.


Familiarize yourself with the rules and follow the intent behind them. If you find a loophole, tell us. If we find a loophole, we reserve the right to correct problematic interpretations as needed. If you have a question regarding what a rule means, a member of our Rules team will be happy to answer any concerns you have. Rules Lawyers are a giant wet blanket on fun, and players who repeatedly exploit or argue about loopholes will be issued a warning.


Take good care of yourself and be aware of your limits. LARPing can be a strenuous activity. Pair that with long nights, irregular eating habits and bad weather, and you can end up feeling awful come Sunday morning cleanup. Dying Light expects its players to bring clothing and footgear for wet, cold weather (this includes snow gear in all but July and August), enough food for six nutritious meals that meet a player’s personal dietary needs and restrictions, and a tent with gear or bedding that will keep the player warm and dry at night. See the What to Bring section for further details. Players requiring daily prescription medications should have enough doses for the entire weekend as most of our sites are not within convenient driving distance of a pharmacy. We strongly encourage our players to get some sleep during game. Energy drinks, coffee and other caffeine delivery systems are not an acceptable substitute for sleep.  A special note on chronic conditions: Dying Light encourages those players dealing with chronic illness to assess their capabilities and use good judgment regarding participation. We expect all players to assist in the cleanup of the site on Sunday morning and to participate in game with minimal accommodation beyond our yellow headband policy (see None Combat for details). While no one can predict the onset of an illness-included bad day, we will remove players that consistently suffer medical issues due to a lack of self care or self awareness as this poses a safety issue to both the affected player and the community.


Bullying, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment and other forms of social aggression will not be tolerated or ignored. Social predators can manifest a variety of unhealthy behaviors, most of which involve dominating, excluding and abusing vulnerable individuals in a variety of social settings. Because LARPing is inherently a social event which has a tradition of being “accepting of everyone,” it is especially attractive to these types of individuals. Dying Light does not tolerate social aggression in any form. Should our staff become aware of a player behaving in such a way, we will immediately remove the offender and take steps in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the target. At Dying Light, we have one member of staff who is formally trained to identify, intervene and provide support in these situations. We consider this rules violation to be a serious offense and will handle the situation accordingly, which may include contacting the authorities.


No buying and selling goods or services at site with real world money. Dying Light is a 501c3 private nonprofit organization. Because of our status, we cannot allow any for-profit buying, selling or trading at game. In addition to this, we rent our sites from other nonprofit entities which also prohibit for-profit activities on grounds, which means the parking lot and any time before/ after game is included in this. The only exception to this is in circumstances where all profits of sale would go to the betterment and upkeep of the organization.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs for which you do not have a prescription for, is prohibited. We here at Dying Light feel that boffer weapon combat and any substance that impairs your judgment are a bad mix. For the safety of the group, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession or consumption of these items at game.


We do not allow marijuana use for any reason. We understand that medical marijuana is regulated in both Oregon and Washington at a state level, and the recreational use of marijuana is legal in Washington. So…why is it still not ok? Because our games are held on private property, and the owners do not tolerate marijuana consumption for any purpose on site grounds. Legally speaking, the wishes of the private land owner supersede any otherwise legally permissible activity. Marijuana consumption is also still illegal on a federal level, and as a result is not treated as a permissible substance for any reason by our insurance company. Individuals who cause property damage or bodily harm while under the influence of marijuana void the protection of our insurance policy. This is a firm rule. Please respect the financial and legal risks marijuana consumption poses for Dying Light.


Felony crimes and convictions disqualify players. We take player safety and security seriously. Should Dying Light learn of a felony conviction in a player’s history as an adult, supported by an official copy of a criminal record, the player will be permanently banned. If you admit to a staff member that you participated in a felony crime or a staff member witnesses you committing a felony crime in or out of game, regardless of conviction or arrest, you will be banned. This is a firm rule with only two exceptions: a state felony arrest or conviction regarding civil disobedience, or a none-violent offender. Should your conviction fall under these exceptions, tell us. We are much more likely to work with a player who has been open and honest about their past.


Players who show signs of intoxication and/ or impaired judgment will be removed from play.

In addition to illegal drugs and alcohol, pain killers, allergy treatments, sleep medications, and severe emotional stress can leave a player distracted, groggy or worse. Because Dying Light is a physically strenuous game that includes simulated combat, we require players to be able to exercise good judgment at all times. If at any point a player is judged to be too impaired to interact safely with the game, he or she will be removed from play. At no time will an intoxicated or impaired judgment player be allowed to leave the site by car. Failure to follow both these rules will result in the staff contacting the authorities with your vehicle information and a permanent ban.


Our designated smoking area is the parking lot of the site. E cigarette use is limited to outdoors. Both of our sites are designated as nonsmoking. Players who wish to smoke must leave game space and go to the parking lot to do so. Due to small amounts of nicotine and inconclusive health studies regarding indoor use, E cigarettes may only be used outdoors.


No Poaching…so what is poaching? Poaching is when a player joins a LARP not so much with the intention of actually playing the game, but to advertise for another LARP. Usually, poachers put on a big show of finding fault with the LARP in progress, then pitch their LARP as being a better alternative. Poaching is disruptive, pulls people out of the game, is disrespectful to all the time and effort the staff have put into an event, and casts the LARP which the offender comes from in an ugly light. Anyone caught poaching will be asked to leave site immediately without a refund.


Players will not give medical or mental health advice or assistance unless appropriately certified. Rendering first aid or CPR untrained can be dangerous and hurt an injured player further. Expired licenses, insufficient training or past training that is not current by an official certifying body’s standards, or ” my mother/ boyfriend/ dog is a doctor/ therapist/ psychologist” do not qualify as certification. Anyone caught practicing medicine without a license (this includes advice) will be asked to leave the game. In short, unless you have a statement from an official certifying body that says you can dispense medication, perform CPR, or diagnose depression, don’t do it.
Players will report any injuries to a member of Safety. At the time of this handbook’s writing, we have staff members, who are currently licensed to perform CPR and basic first aid. Copies of their cards will be kept in the organization’s records for site and insurance purposes.  Should anyone become injured during game, even if it’s “no big deal,” contact either of the named staff members above so they can assess the injury and write a safety report.


Do not bring real weapons to an event REGARDLESS of licensing, training, or permits. This includes forms of nonlethal personal self defense, including but not limited to pepper spray, stun guns and batons. Having weapons of any sort in your car, (even the trunk) counts as bringing weapons to an event. Leave these things at home.


Players will refrain from misrepresenting the organization of Dying Light, its membership, or its intent at any time. While the staff of Dying Light welcomes players with constructive points of criticism, we will not tolerate trash talk or gossip. If you are found to be the likely source of a destructive rumor against a player, staff member, or the organization, you will be asked to leave the game. Misrepresentation also includes falsely claiming to be a staff member. We rely on the generous support of our players with things like NPCing, administrative duties, and prop creation, but this does not confer staff member status (or authority to act as such) to any player, even temporarily.


Before touching another player, ask permission. We recommend players ask out of game “Do you accept physical role-play?” to the player being acted upon and then describe the action. The receiving player may give the go ahead, at which time the scene plays out as described. Should the player decline, the scene is described by the actor, at which time play resumes. Witnesses are to treat the described scene as if it physically occurred. Err on the side of caution on this one, comfort levels can vary depending on person and the scene. Violating another person’s physical space can be uncomfortable at best and a form of bullying at worst.


Rape and sexual assault are off-limits subjects. There is only one forbidden subject with Dying Light. That subject is rape. We do not think that a real life subject that causes so much emotional havoc is appropriate for the game. Plot will never touch this subject, neither will players. This includes back stories. We don’t care if you kill, steal, kidnap, or torture people, as long as rape doesn’t come up.


To recap: Have fun! Be awesome to yourself and each other. While we have attempted to be a complete as possible here, there may be inappropriate behavior that arises that isn’t explicitly covered in this section. For this reason, Dying Light reserves the right to remove any person from game for any reason, or deny a person entry into the game, temporarily or permanently.