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    Flash Thompson

    Flash walked slowly his eyes scanning the area around him as he walked, his hands idly ran along the chain that held his rifle in place. He stopped when he reached a far enough way away from the town but made sure he could still see it. He was not getting lost here. Slowly he let the black ink like form of his other half cover his body. The familiar weight of the armored form settling over him. “We need to be stronger.” The dark gravelly voice of his other half came out. “I am aware of that. What the hell is wrong with us?” Flash asked as he set his weapons down and began going through a series of motions looking almost like martial arts. “We have grown weaker coming through the portal, we must eat more to regain our power!” The voice responded as he spin his claws ripping a large chunk of bark from a nearby tree. There were a series of other claw marks each seeming to get deeper and dealing more damage to the tree as he went. “We are growing stronger without eating the locals and I am sorry you saw the goblins and other shit around here. You want to eat that?” A visible shiver ran along the black suit that covered his body. “What we want is to go home.” The voice replied a hint of what could almost be called sadness in it. “I know buddy I know.” He let out a deep sigh as he walked over picking the weapons off the ground. “This place is a rough one,” He shook his head and continued walking along the trail keeping the town in sight as to not take a wrong turn and vanish in this ever changing land.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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