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    Adam Bacon

    A proud figure stands in a black cloak in front of the tavern’s message board. The moon glows bright through some sparse clouds. He hesitates as his hand shakes but soon he holds up a parchment and stabs his knife into it officially sending his message.

    My friends.
    Tonight in my meditation I felt the black wind howl. It marks the coming of something evil. Hear my words I beg you all. Within 7 days something will come. A stranger, an army, I cannot predict but I know evil heads for us now. Before I can honestly say I am ready to face it I need to heal my mind from the scars of the last battle. The black mark pulses within me… I am going out into the Nexus. I know full well once beyond the boundaries of the Oasis time flows differently. I will return before whatever it is strikes. I will be ready and the Nexus will decide when that is for me. In my heart and soul I know I’m missing something. I’ll be back when I found it. Hold on everyone. I will return as who I need to be for this community.
    Duglaz J. Corema

    Duglaz approached the gates and stopped to look at them. Was this really it? Was he really going to face his demons now? The Reaper calls one tick closer every second. He looked back at his home.

    “Are we really going Reaper?”

    “Xia. You know why I’m doing this…”

    “You’re right… I was just being selfish… let’s go.”

    Duglaz turned and walked into the wilds. Determined to fix the fissure in his soul.

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