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    Adam Bacon

    Duglaz damn near crawled back into Oasis. Saying he was tired would be an understatement. His armor half missing and what was left looked like he slept on grenades last night. He was lucky it was the middle of the night. Well maybe not him but others were lucky, he was in no social mood. With a long yawn he walked towards the semi fallen in building he had been using as a base. Well the basement of it anyways. He moved to a side of the building, ignoring all the construction and not even noticing the building had been fixed up, and pushed aside a dumpster that was conveniently hiding a stair case down. This was all normal to him. Hide in plain site. Sleep where no one expects you to be. Old habits die hard.

    As he hit the bottom of the stairs he grabbed a door handle but instead of turning it he just lifted the door. A handy trick to make people think the door was jammed if it was found. He flipped the lights on and moved to a tube with a form of his body in it. He removed his gear, or rather what was left, and placed it on the doppleganger form inside. The tube whooshed shut as a voice called out from a terminal.
    “Corema. Glad you’re back. Looks like it could have gone better…”

    “Not now Xia. If you dont have good news for me can it please. I need some rest.”

    Opening the other tube Duglaz laid on a form fit bed pad that moved horizontally into place.

    “Actually sir, I do have good news. Mark 5 is ready to be assembled. And you have enough reserve energy built up to move to 40% power.”

    Duglaz actually perked up a bit and rose his torso to look at the computer terminal on the desk.

    “You have been busy. You told me Mark 5 would take months to design. Well then let’s get to work. Begin sequence.”

    He laid back down as ports on his chest opened and cables came down from the top of the tube. He hooked them into place and relaxed. Closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep. His power core charging up and over coming the limiters that kept him at 25% power. As his upgraded quantum power source charged up the other tube would come to life. A cloud of nanites would shower down on the ragged gear. As the swarm got to work the armor would look almost alive as some areas were being repaired, some dissolved, some replaced.

    “Estimated time till completion sir is 12 hours.”

    “Set an alarm Xia. I’m gonna take a coma.”

    As Duglaz fed power into the systems the building above would experience minor power surges. Lights would be brighter, fans faster, those sorts of little nuisances to someone who just finished rebuilding a place and was opening a shop.

    Flash Thompson

    “Gods damnn it!” Flash cursed as once more the lights flared into brightness. “Seriously I rewired this damn place perfectly there is no fucking reason for there to be power surges like this!” He stomped around his shop. There was only a handful of days before his grand opening and he would be damned if anything was going to ruin it. “Are you sure that amperage cabling was sufficient enough with the new heaters?” A female voice responded. “Yes Flash I ran the simulations myself and all output was normal.” Friday responded and Flash let out a deep sigh. “Back to the damn breaker box it is then.” He made his way back to the large storage room in the back of the building and opened the box. “Full scan I want to know exactly what is pumping extra damn juice into my store and if we can either harness it or stop it. I don’t need it getting a little too uppity one day and blowing the whole damn breaker system.”

    Adam Bacon

    In the breaker box would be a pretty hefty cable marked Auxiliary Power Runoff. No way to shut it off besides cutting a live wire. No switch no breaker it feeds directly into the box.

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