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    The following bulletin is been posted and circulated around Oasis and the fringe:

    My fellow citizens and visitors to Oasis,

    Many of you have seen the refugees and the escaped slaves pouring in from the Coliseum and other wretched locales. Truly the Old Masters’ evil knows no bounds, that they would ruin the lives of entire communities. Our dear friends and allies, ORB, fight against them even now – but there is more to be done.

    The survivors need hope. A future: a home to come back to, once the fighting is over. Schools, hospitals and residences must be built.

    That is why I have started SWORN (Survivors Weathered by Oppression Reconstruction by Necessity), a charity aimed at building homes and amenities for those refugees who might otherwise know no future except strife and retaliation.

    As I have written this, I have begun the process of finding a representative from ORB who will take on the mantle of collecting funds and organizing for this charity. Please do not send any credits my way, as I do not intend to run this charity – only to start it, and give it the momentum it needs to thrive.

    I beseech you all to search your compassion and pockets to help give life to this reconstruction effort.

    Furthermore, should any of you have experience or contacts with the industries of building, agriculture or logistics, I hope that you will lend your time and expertise – which is worth more than credits – to the efforts of SWORN.

    Please understand that this charity is not to be used for military or warfare purposes. It is explicitly for the task of building a future for the survivors of slavery and other cruel fates wrought by the Old Masters’ vile machinations.

    Your fellow citizen,
    Berith Stolos Caulder

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