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    *The following letter is delivered to all reachable offices of Oasis Magistrates, Sheriffs, Judges, and other officials of legal capacity. It is also posted in a few public places around Oasis.

    After each day, new copies of this letter are drafted and delivered once again to the above legal offices.*

    My fellow citizens of and visitors to Oasis,

    Here is my official writ of grievance against the one Oasis regular known as Kitsana.

    Let it be known that I have accused Kitsana of the following crimes:

    * Direct attack upon my person, with intent to seriously injure, while simultaneously aiding and abetting a traitor to and enemy of Oasis.

    * Theft of my goods, the combined value of which climbs into the realm of several thousand credits. (If this amount is called into question, I can produce an itemized list of what was taken.)

    * Further violation of my bodily sanctity, by means of drawing my blood without my knowledge, with intent to further the aims of theft.

    The direct attack was made in the presence of several witnesses and none will dispute the fact of the matter. Regarding the theft, it is true that I could not personally witness Kitsana robbing my person, since I was, in fact, dead at the time. However, I have obtained ample enough information regarding her malfeasance that I believe a preponderance of the evidence, looked upon by an impartial judge, will weigh in my favor.

    Indeed, if there is any question as to the veracity of my words, I am confident that resources exist within Oasis to divine the truth of the matter. There are many engineers who could formulate a truth serum, and many ritualists who could petition powers-that-be for guidance on this case. I am willing to submit myself to such truth-seeking measures to prove the sincerity of my accusations and to shed light upon Kitsana’s regular deception and mendacity.

    Two magistrates and at least one deputy have been informed of my grievance against Kistana. These individuals are aware that I attempted to resolve my business with her diplomatically and peacefully. Her response to this effort was, “I’m not a citizen, I didn’t sign the town charter, you can’t do anything to me.” My good friends and fellow citizens, I ask you, is this the defense that one innocent of wrong-doing would offer?

    As recompense for these crimes which Kitsana has wantonly committed against me, I ask only this:

    A donation of 5,000 credits (or equivalent goods) paid to SWORN (Survivors Weathered by Oppression Replenishment by Necessity), a non-profit charity dedicated to helping refugees rebuild and sustain a prosperous community. This fund will be managed by a representative from ORB and will directly go to providing food, shelter and amenities for escaped slaves, refugees and other victims of the Old Masters’ tyranny.

    You will observe that I do not ask for the return of my merchandise, or any other such recompense. Given Kitsana’s past behaviors, and to be frank, I am not certain if there is a force within the Nexus which could convince Kitsana to give anything back to me willingly. So as far as I am concerned, my goods are already lost. I hope that by demanding my stolen goods be donated instead to a worthy cause, that a heart even as black as Kitsana’s can be moved to a lawful course of action.

    If Kitsana is found guilty and refuses to deliver on this renumeration, I will have no choice but to demand that she be branded outlaw, and hereafter exiled from Oasis.

    Let it be known that I intend to pursue this litigation as expediently and vehemently as the systems of Oasis will permit, and that I shall pursue this matter relentlessly until it has reached its conclusion.

    Your fellow citizen,
    Berith Stolos Caulder


    Marshall Nystrom

    When the second letter arrives, penned in the same spidery script as the other notices and the letter delivered to his new office yesterday, Duke sighs and puts his head in his hands. He takes a long look at the flask hanging on the wall – emblazoned, of course, with a star of office – and begins to realize just there are stereotypes regarding sheriffs in this town.

    After a minute or two of careful deliberation, he rolls up the letter and makes his way to Caulder’s storefront, his shield buckled tightly to his back and sword sheathed.


    Aaron Plotkin

    A presence will take note of Duke’s actions.


    Sean Campbell

    A cloaked figure moving down the street will take note of both Duke’s actions and the posting around town. Shaking his head he counties on his way.



    Taking a break from painting the outside of the Sheriffs office bright blue, Harp will follow Duke

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