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    Marshall Nystrom

    Duke slips into City Hall, furtively looking over his shoulder. He approaches the nearest person, guiding them to just behind a planter, out of view of the entrance, before speaking.

    “Kestrel deserves a better place to live around here than in our ratty old tent. I know enough about construction to build a house for her, but I don’t know where to start in purchasing a plot of land to work on. Any ideas? Oh, and one more thing – it’s going to be a surprise for her, so if you could keep it a secret, I’d appreciate it.”



    Steam was waiting in city hall waiting to talk to the council about various things and writting in his journal to kill time before being grabbed by Duke “Oh Jesus you scared the shit out me” Steam lets out a relieved sight before continuing “If you want to get a plot I recomend going to the builders guild and ask for a plot there as they run the construction around the town. Also yes I will make sure not to tell Kestrel. Though I am curious why you needed to drg me behind a planter to tell me that…. and why you asked me of all people in the first place”


    Jessie Nystrom

    What in the world was Duke up to? He was certainly up to something, acting all secretive was very out of character for him. Kestrel’s intention had been to ask him about it when she saw him on the street, but he had quickly ducked into City Hall. She quickly followed after wanting to catch him before he got too busy but by the time she got inside he had seemingly disappeared. With a shrug, she decided while she was there she may as well get something productive done so she found someone who worked there and started asking about available houses in the city. It was definitely time to find somewhere more permanent than their little campsite on the edge of town.


    Marshall Nystrom

    Duke ducks lower, pulling Steam along with him, scooting around the back of the planter as Kestrel walks by.

    “That’s why,” he hisses, nearly too quiet to hear. “I don’t know why she’s here! She’s supposed to be shopping for supplies for the co-op, I thought she’d take longer.” A few moments later, Kestrel makes her way further into the building, and Duke straightens up, breathing out a relieved sigh.

    “That was a close one. Thanks for humoring me, Steam – I think I just grabbed you because of how nice your suit is, I figured you were someone official and I was in too much of a panic to look closer.” Duke claps Steam on the shoulder before turning and heading out the door towards the Builder’s Guild.

    “Oh, and thanks for the help!” He calls over his shoulder as he exits the building.


    Two days later, Duke is hard at work pouring a foundation for the house. He’s put up construction tape around the plot, a small square at the end of a row of single-story concrete buildings. It’s not a great neighborhood, but it’s got a large enough greenspace nearby that Duke is sure he can start a small farm and turn things around. He doesn’t notice his new neighbor watching until they call out and get his attention over the hum of the automixer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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