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    Marshall Nystrom

    Fliers are distributed around town, posted along most of the major thoroughfares and on the message boards in inns and taverns:

    “Fellow Citizens,

    I’m honored by your decision to elect me as Sheriff of Oasis, and I’ll do everything in my power to aid you in lowering crime, rebuilding communities, and organizing community disaster relief and awareness. I can’t do it alone, though – I need a few solid deputies, folks who don’t mind sacrificing some of their time and putting themselves in danger for the good of the town. It’s not going to be easy work, especially not out in the Fringe, but Oasis needs you – submit an application at the Sheriff’s office on West Crawl and 5th if you want to volunteer.

    Sheriff Duke”

    In fine print at the bottom, there is some fine print:

    “The town of Oasis, the Sheriff’s office, and all related legal entities are not responsible for any harm that may come to applicants should they be chosen as deputies, up to and including loss of life and limb, infliction of Pain curses, loss of material goods or property, or any other danger that befalls applicants in the line of duty. We do offer complementary cookies to applicants at the time of the interview, if they are chosen to progress to that step. By applying, you forfeit right to sue or otherwise hold legally responsible the town of Oasis, the Sheriff’s office, and all related legal entities for any foodborne illnesses or allergies activated by or contracted from the cookies.”

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