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    A whole year had passed as far as she could tell, but she wasn’t sure how long she’d been out and her memory was still fuzzy from the bashing she had taken during her ungainly tossing from Oasis’ barrier.

    If it hadn’t been for three things keeping her grounded after she woke up she would have sworn everything in Oasis had been a dream. Except, her collar was still gone, she still had the coat Neko had gifted her, and Gidgit and Gadget were both insistently bouncing around on her trying to wake her up. There was no way it had been a dream. That left her lost in Nexus, alone, save for the company of two tiny dragons. No one had been nearby when she woke in the middle of a crushed forest, next to a small crater. It looked like something had bounced on the forest before bouncing away, but she’s had little time or care to examine it. Most of that day and another after had been spent on healing and finding shelter for recovery. Once her head was clear enough to think she had two options. Find Oasis or attempt to go home. Neither were easy, but she was sure she didn’t want to go home. That left finding Oasis.

    It had taken her months to find a settlement that was safe to enter as she traveled. The first few weren’t very friendly, but when she ran out of food and other supplies she had to try again. Thankfully, the next had been friendly, but didn’t accept Oasis currency. She traded what she could for a bow and some arrows, a small bit of food, and asked about Oasis. There were either no leads or wrong leads that led to an old.locstiin for Oasis. It took two more settlements running her off before she found another that was safe to enter.

    Find safe town.
    Trade for goods.
    Ask about Oasis.
    Move on.

    Repeat over and over for a year. Untill she finally found a solid lead. Another traveler in town had talked about Oasis being a week’s journey away on foot. She was much closer than she thought. The felinae was kind enough to give her directions when she all but stumbled over her own feet to talk to him.

    The current settlement she was in was one of the nicest ones so far. They were all to happy to have a healer on hand since their previous had just passed and a replacement wasn’t enroute for a few days. In exchange for room and food she was doing some healing each day and had been in the town for nearly 3 weeks now. She was almost loathe to leave but she had to go to Oasis and see if any of the roses had survived. Steam, Diesel, Kaylie, any of them. If Neko had survived.

    So as soon as the new healer arrived she packed that night, said her goodbyes in the morning, and left.

    One week of travel later and she found herself on a hill just outside another settlement, some buildings looking very familiar. Maha pushed the deep hood of her green coat down, dark purple hair spilling out from it into her shoulders, as she wiped away the sweat on her brow with a sleeve. Her long ears could already pick out familiar voices in the crowded town and she found herself a bit happier than expected to be back. Two tiny snake like dragons poked their heads out around her face, sniffing St the air. One made a low purlike growl and the other responded with a more mechanical sound.

    She scratched their chins with a smile.

    “Looks like we finally found home you two,” she said, “next we can focus on finding your mom.”

    It wasn’t home, but it was the closest thing to it here in Nexus. She shifted her grip on her walking stick, adjusted her bow to a non-threatening position, gave the two dragons one last chin scratch, and took the first steps into Oasis.

    Dominic Gianatassio

    As she walks into town she sees a Felanie with jet black fur with white around the eyes. Yet there is something about his outfit that is unmistakable. The purple dress shirt, vest, hat and goggles, one of which is cracked while the other seems to be holding a gem of sorts. He seems…tired as he currently dealing with what seems to be a couple yelling as he is trying to calm them down. Despite his tired appearance his mannerisms are calm and collect with just the hint of old whimsy to them. They eventually leave and he sighs. Filing out the paperwork not having noticed the new person that walked into town quite yet


    Maha stopped a few places short of the bickering triad and waited for them to finish while she tried to figure out why this felinae looked so familiar. She didn’t recall any felinae besides Kitsana at the moment, but this one was picking at her memory incessantly.

    Gadget picked it’s head out of the hood and sniffed the air before she exchanged looks with the tiny serpent.

    “That’s…is that Steam?” She muttered is surprise, “but tail and ears. I…”

    She sighed and shook her head. This shouldn’t surprise her. She took a few more tired steps forward and tried to smile.

    “Seems you’ve got an interesting story to tell, don’t you Steam?” She said with a quiet laugh. She was just happy to know someone from the old group was still alive.

    Dominic Gianatassio

    As his name is called up his earns perk and turn to the voice a second before he does. His face at first is a tired look figuring its another problem. That is until he sees who it is. The tired eyes light up as he sees an old friend and quickly runs up hug her tightly.

    “Gods Fuck Maha I figured I would never see you again. Holy shit how have you been.” He releases the hug as his brain processes the other part and he looks at his body “Oh yeah I have certainly been through this…A lot…but you know Oasis so what else is new. With that said this” they motion to their Felanie body “Was actually something I just did out of choice. Kinda reached the limit of how fast I could go as a Terran so…this was the logical next step”


    Maha exhales quickly at the hug and chuckles. “I’m…mostly fine?”

    She taps Steams arm a bit to loosen the hug, “It’s hard to say. Why don’t we find somewher eto sit and I’ll explain.”

    “As for the change, it suits you.” She’ll ruffle Steams hair a bit between the ears, “As long as there’s no adverse side effects you’ll hear no complaints from me. It’s good to see you again. I had almost begun to beleive you were all dead.”

    ((OOC: IF we wanna take smaller chat rp to the discord, and if no one objects to that, then we can since it seems discord is easier on others? let me know. I just didnt want to dump a whole huge post to the discord and flood everyone is all.))

    Flash Thompson

    The door to a shop close by opens. From above the door is a sign that shows a crossed hammer and wrench in front of a magic circle the sign read “The MagiTech Seal”. The man stood at a bit over 6′ with sandy blond hair. He wore a black Tshirt and pants with a white spider design along the chest and back. He looks almost completely Terran save for what could only be described as black veins that ran along almost every exposed bit of skin the man had.
    Leaning against the wall of the shop he pulled a chunk of jerky out and munched it before throwing the rest into the air. As it left his hand a black tendril shot out of his back and caught it. The jerky disappeared into the black oily substance before it returned vanishing into the shirt. The shirt itself seemed to move and his eyes immediately shot over to Steam and Maha. “Yo Steam hows it going?”

    Dominic Gianatassio

    Steam chuckles seeing his new old friend…..Recent old friend? Good friend of the past year or so happen to walk up as well. Not being a uncommon occurrence at all with both their positions in this town. “Its going well Flash just greeting an old friend back to the town. Maha meet Flash, Flash, Maha” He points to the other in turn. “Maha here was one of my first close friends here in Oasis and we have gone through a lot of shit together. Flash here has been a close friend for awhile as well. We have helped each other on a lot of projects and know how to wreck a lot of shit on the battlefield together when we need to” *he says chuckling looking between the two “How you doing as well Flash? Looks like the business it going pretty well”


    Maha looks from Steam to Flash before giving him a polite nod. “It’s nice to meet you.” She doesn’t sound so sure of herself, but she is being polite.

    “It seems quite a bit has changed since I was tossed dfrom Oasis during it..bouncing?” She shakes her head, “I don’t really recal lwhat happened. I was tossed aroudn quite a bit and found myself near a crater whe4n I woke up.”

    As if remembering something she looks past Steam around the town like she’s searching for others, “Can you tell me who else is here? Korey or Amethyst? Kaylie? Is Neko here maybe? What about Diesel?”

    Dominic Gianatassio

    “Well that is fair that seems very…Nexus for lack of a better terms” He gives a chuckle before answer the followup questions

    “Well Kaylie I haven’t seen in a while nor have I seen Neko, maybe something similar to you is my best hope” He says with a soft sad sigh before continuing.

    “On the flip side though Korey and Amethyst while not in Oasis all the time now travel a lot and stop by time to time, and Diesel is doing perfectly fine he even has a girlfriend” Stem wiggles his shoulders and eyebrows a bit in the “eyyy” kind of way


    Maha raises an eybrow in surprise before laughing quietly, “That’ too cute. I hope it goes well for both of them. I’m glad to hear the others are okay.”

    She sighes and leans on her walking stick a bit to alleviate the pain in her feet, while scratching the dragon in her hood under the chin, “And now that we aren’t locked into weird Hell zone I can look for Anja and Lysander to return these two. I asked around a bit but didn’t have any luck. Maybe someone here will know or we can use a com to find them. Dunno. Neko use to be their contact. Maybe Kel? Is he still around?”

    She glances again to the new stranger, mostly trying to get an idead of his character but also out of habit of watching for sudden body shifts for attacks. Inwardly, she sighed. A year ago she wouldn’t have had to be like this, but a year of hit or miss with towns granted her a bit more caution now.

    “I dont know what happened to Kaylie or Neko,” She says to Steam, “I didn’t see them anywhere near me and I looked. I really do hope theyre alive and well though where ever they are.”

    “Oh,” Caleb and…” she pauses and rubs her head, “I forget his name. The dwarf who swore fealty to the duke like Calb and I did. How are those two doing? Are they here? I met some pretty interesting people that Caleb might like on my travels. Actually you and Diesel would probably like them too.”

    Dominic Gianatassio

    He sighs again rubbing the back of his head “Lots of people have come and gone out of town so there is a lot of folks I have lost contact with. People that are still around from when you first came is Duke and Kestral, both being part of the council now so you probs won’t see them in the fringe much anymore. Caulder is still in town which is always an…Interesting thing to have to deal with, and finally Kitsune and Riddlewise are still in the town. Other people have either disappeared or gone off to do other things in the town at large”

    He says this very matter of factly as someone that has grown to accept that this is how it is now. He is one of the older members of the fringe in tenure and has grown used to it. “On the bright side we have a lot of new folks now and way less infighting then we did previously. It has been nice especially everything going on with the void dragon and all that bullshit”


    Maha nods along as Steam answers her questions. Its pretty easy to see shes a bit upset that neither Kaylie or Neko are there, but shes not saying anything about it.

    “I’m gland ot hear Riddlewise and Kitsana are still here.” she grimaces wit hthe next comment, “Not so sure Im as happy to hear about Caulder, but if no ones outright ended him yet I’m going to assume he’s…manageable?”

    She was about to say more untill Steams last comment finally caught up with her thoughts, “Wait Dragon? Void Dragon? What?!”

    Dominic Gianatassio

    “Oh wow surprised you haven’t heard more of that stuff its kinda….the main thing we need to save the world from. Been an issue for the best couple years and…yeah…Long story short eldritch horror void dragon wants to consume our reality and all that…has captured 4 of the major gods annnnnddd i think is based in that mountain over there if I had to harbor a guess” points to a mountain with a giant void portal on top of it many miles down the way

    “you thought hell was bad at least it was not our entirely reality getting erased. Welcome back to Oasis Maha. Sorry its under shitty times like normal”


    MAha was stunned and ever so slightly scared. Dragons were not something she liked on a good day and it took her a long time to trust even the good ones. Heck Gidet and Gadget took adjusting too even with how tiny they were. A large one was terrifying.

    She glanced back the way she came and briefly debated the thought of trying to go back to her world, but something told her that just wasn’t going to happen. besides shed feel guilty running away now.

    With a heavy sigh Maha looked towards the Tavern. “I think I need to sit down and hear the long story. Besides, my feet are really really killing me and if I dont feed Gidget soon he’s gonna started eating my ear.”

    The tiny dragon gave what was probably an indignant squeak from her hood and MAha chuckled. “It might be a mess ,but its the one i know at least. ANd I happen to know way too much about dragons. Though a Void one is kinda new to me so my knowledge might be off a bit.”

    Dominic Gianatassio

    “Well if you have the time I have the very long story to tell. Involves some racist fucks, a gelatinous cube. And normal Oasis bullshit. But yeah come one we can talk more over food” His tail swishes slowly behind him as he makes his way over to the familiar fringe Tavern, and other than the lack of the wolf couple not much has changed. A few more burn and pot marks here and there but that was to be expected. As he grabs some food and a drink he plops down on a chair. “So where do you want me to start?”

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