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    *The following letter is delivered to all reachable offices of Oasis Magistrates, Sheriffs, Judges, and other officials of legal capacity. It is also posted in a few public places around Oasis.*

    My dear, fellow citizens of Oasis,

    This letter is my report as to certain events which transpired earlier this week, followed by a request to our city’s lawful benefactors.

    The visitor known as “Jaqs” and I arrived at the Oasis fringe and saw suspicious humanoids in the distance dragging off some Oasis denizens. We chased them into the woods outside of Oasis and discovered some of our friends were being held by slavers. We decided to attack the slavers to rescue our friends and allies. During the engagement, I cornered the last of the slavers and demanded his surrender. In response, the slaver began by firing off a series of spells on the bound prisoners. Among these spells, my memory serves, was a ring of fire which killed all four captives. As the slaver began casting more spells I threw an explosive which detonated in the vicinity of the slaver and all prisoners, and killed the slaver. Jaqs proceeded to sweep the area to ensure no reinforcements were arriving. When I went into the building to unbind the prisoners, I found three of them – Prism, Kestrel, and Jerry. Notably, Kitsana’s body was missing from this group, even though I recall seeing her at some point during the fight. Upon returning to town we discovered Kitsana’s corpse but her spirit was nowhere to be found.

    A couple hours later in the day, I went into the tavern to find our healers performing a resurrection on Kitsana. I offered a resurrection stone to assist but the component was not needed. The circumstances of the resurrection were complex and involved bringing Prism back from having turned into a flesh-bottle to house Kitsana’s soul, so I sat and offered what advice and support that I could until the resurrection was nearly complete. I was advised that I should leave the scene before Kitsana came back to her senses, for reasons I did not yet know; not wishing to overstay my welcome, I agreed.

    Less than hour later, Kitsana approached me and threatened me, saying that I “needed to be stopped.” She accused me of killing and banishing her, which I deny, and I did not understand what she meant.

    Several hours later (it was night time by now), Kitsana assaulted me with a halo of fire. As the flames singed my clothes and covered my body, I reeled back from the blast, barely alive. I quickly doused myself with life-giving formula and prepared to defend myself. Kitsana withdrew, and I chose not to pursue her, believing that escalating the situation would deplete our town’s combat readiness to nobody’s benefit (readers will recall the extraordinary events earlier that day, how the sky seemed to tear open with black holes and spit out horrors of another realm).

    Less than a few minutes later, King Fireonous of Churrash begin assaulting me with potent Death Magic. While I stood in dismay, Kitsana came up to my side and attempted to place upon me a curse of torturous doom. In a moment of clarity, having seen her use this spell multiple times against me before, I managed to turn the attack back upon her. I then withdrew into my cabin to shield myself from the King’s repeated assault and arm myself further. When I emerged from my cabin shortly after, Kitsana’s body was gone – dragged to safety, I assume.

    When I confronted King Fireonous (who was no longer hostile), he said that Kitsana had threatened his life, that she had menaced him into helping with her illegal attack or else she would harm or kill the King, as well. Aislin, Prism, and at least one other individual were present for this revelation. I have chosen to believe the King and will not press charges against him at this time.


    While the courts consider Kitsana’s heinous crimes, I would like to point out the following:

    * Kitsana murdered me last year, during our stay in Tartarus, and caused a piece of my very soul to break off. There is no legal question that this actually happened; it was documented and arbitrated by Shepard, who was magistrate at the time, and we came to a peaceful term of renumeration.

    * Less than three months ago, Kitsana attacked me with her terrible Curse, causing me untold amounts of suffering. There were multiple witnesses. Kitsana admitted to doing this because she was aiding Namine, even after Namine made clear threats to the town while proclaiming her allegiance to the Old Masters.

    On that same night, Kitsana stole my D.R.E.A and roughly 5000 credits worth of merchandise from my unconscious body. Most of Oasis knows about my litigation against her. As far as I am aware, the courts of Oasis have already issued a judgment on this matter. I have, in my possession, an official writ from Sheriff Duke, by which I am authorized to order Kitsana to pay 5000 credits or else face banishment from Oasis (as long as the writ is delivered in the presence of a deputy, magistrate, or sheriff). I have not yet had an opportunity to deliver this writ to Kitsana.

    * Concerning the most recent string of attacks, multiple people can confirm that these attacks did happen, and that at no point during the day did I retaliate or take aggressive action against her.

    * Concerning Kitsana’s accusation against me: as far as I am aware, Kitsana did not inform the Sheriff or any other city officials of her grievance against me. She went immediately to taking the matter into her own hands and resorted to illegal attempts on my life. Her decision to go about matters this way should make clear the wrongfulness of her accusation and the depths of her guilt.

    Finally, even if I had killed her (as she accuses, and which I deny) out in the wilds beyond Oasis, this would not change the illegal nature of her actions. Our policies and procedures for resolving individual grievances are quite clear, and they do not allow for an involuntarily duel or attempted murder.


    It is my sincere belief that Kitsana is retaliating against me because of my public litigation against her, and that her attacks will not stop until I am well and truly dead, or until she has faced real consequences for her repeated crimes.

    Therefore, I am humbly requesting that she be declared outlaw and banished from the town of Oasis. I understand that this means I will have no opportunity to compel her to pay 5,000 credits to the SWORN charity; however, the risk to my life is simply too great, I feel.

    Should the courts decide that further investigation is warranted or that banishment is too severe a punishment for multiple counts of attempted murder (and threats of murder to another), I would offer a secondary request: please demand that Kitsana cease her attacks and threats at once, and advise her that any further such attacks will result in an immediate judgment of banishment against her.

    Your fellow citizen,

    – Berith Stolos Caulder



    Tagged beneath the notes, written in Terrand and Fey

    My good Doctor, I bleieve that you have erred in this situation, in that you’re private matter with Kitsana has been made public, and in fact you are attempting to sway the public opinion and the opinion of any possible courts against her.
    In my experience, this will only muddle your attempts at personal retribution in that you have stated that you do have a personal issue with her.
    I do beleive that at this point your best bet is to withdraw from public opinion and request a dual to settle your matters

    ~ Harp



    Tagged beneath the above note, written in Terran

    My good Harp, did you miss the part where Kitsana threatened another townsmember with violence to coerce them into attacking me? And then proceeded to do so in the presence of many others? This has stepped far beyond a private matter. You are correct that I seek to sway public opinion against Kitsana. Frankly, she needs to be stopped, and it is a wonder that she has not been shot upon or dragged off as any other outside menace would be.

    I will be glad to resolve this matter with a duel – that is, if the foxling will honor a duel, and if the courts of Oasis will even enforce the terms of a mutually agreed upon duel. I shall seek to do just precisely this on my next visit to the fringe.

    ~ Caulder

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