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    Brian Ragsdale

    Sheppard is found at a table in the tavern. Papers in front of him with a variety of drawings on it, some conceptions, most looks to be designs for engineering. He alternates between these and the rough sketches made from the sparse details he’s gleaned from talking with the members of ORB.

    Pausing in his contemplation’s he stands up and stretches before wandering towards the kitchen to get some water. On his way back to his pile of papers he’s already back to making all the plans in his head and doens’t even seem to recognize the person he bumps into with a mumbled “Pardon” before taking a few more steps away.

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    Duke steadies Sheppard with a hand.

    “My mistake, Sheppard – it’s tough to not run into the shield, to be honest. Kind of the point.” He sets his shield down against the wall, then catches sight of the pages on the table. His brow furrows as he tries to make sense of the information.

    “What are you working on? Anything I can help with?”


    Brian Ragsdale

    He starts in with a “No worries, those things are large but effect… ” he trails off as another thought occurs to him. He just kind of Stands there for a few seconds while he’s running mental gymnastics adding a new thought into the equations he was already working on when he suddenly realizes he stopped talking mid sentence.

    “Oh, uh sorry about that.” He takes the last few steps to get to his papers, gesturing at them, “These are a scattering of ideas on how we can help out ORB with breaking the siege on that outpost they were talking about. I’ve been trying to come up with alternate ways to get the nut cracker that Calder’s been working on to the wall.”

    Sighing, “Most of it is just some theoretical work, as I don’t have specs from him yet on how big the device will need to be. Mind you this isn’t the first time I’ve helped in something like this, the old troupe an me have busted a few bunkers that still had active defenses, but there’s a lot of new things that I don’t know about this situation.” He leans over the table and shuffles the papers around getting them a bit more organized.

    “This bit here is working out ranges, delivery systems and weights. ORB doesn’t seem to have a lot of heavy equipment, or advanced gear that they can throw at this for moving the kind of mass I suspect we will end up having to deal with, so I’ve been jotting down a few ideas on what we can do with what they likely have available.”

    “This pile is just exploring a some ideas on the variety of actual methods of delivery. Gas powered, spring, explosive… you know that sort of thing.” He pauses realizing he may have lost Duke somewhere along the ramble he noticed himself starting to get into.

    Waving his hand over the lot, “Through really I’m mostly trying to figure out what I need to be doing focused research on. Where I can put my skills and talents to the best use. With Calder working on the device, I find myself unsure of where I should be focusing as I don’t have enough to go off of yet.”



    Duke frowns, looking over the scattered pages. After a minute of deliberation, he puts a wide finger on the stack of delivery method sheets.

    “You know, I just might have a solution for you. Kestrel’s wings are surprisingly strong – while I don’t think she could lift a big enough bomb to break the bunker, she might be able to drop a trigger if we can get raw explosives close enough. What if we hijacked a supply train, filled it with enough explosives – not triggers, mind you, nothing to arouse their suspicion – and drove it right up to their front door? Our team clears out far enough to survive the blast, Kestrel drops a trigger bomb on the payload, and we go through the gap.” The big man looks a bit grim, considering the dangers, but continues, “I’m not saying it’s trivial to hijack a supply train, they’ll be well defended for sure, but it’ll be a fair sight easier than trying to hit the bunker head on, and besides, we could use the original supplies ourselves, or split them with the Alliance for some goodwill. We’d just need to find an easy-to-hit train, and a good ambush site.”

    Duke looks over at the magistrate, seeing how tired he looks – but then, everyone’s been looking tired lately. War is exhausting enough without being constantly raided by multiple groups intent on your enslavement.

    “Hey, Sheppard – if there’s anything I can do for you, let me know. I appreciate the long hours you’ve been putting in on patrol, but why don’t you let me and the watch handle it for a couple days? Getting this plan right is gonna be important, you need your rest.”

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    Aaron Plotkin

    Kel glances over from his seat, “sounds like you’ll be busy for a while there”.


    Brian Ragsdale

    Sheppard watches Duke as he runs through his idea. “Not to sweep aside any good ideas, and it is a good idea, but I haven’t been told of any sort of train or carriage of any type used with this. Besides currently ORB has them surrounded so there’s no getting in or out.”

    Sheppard takes on that infinity gaze as he ponders, “Though if the Nexxus were stable enough for trains to work, it would make getting around a lot easier, gotta imagine that’s what the old world was like. Gleaming machines, not having to worry where you put your foot down next, some predictability in the weather.” He sighs wistfully, drinking in the imagination of a ‘better place’ than where the… well worlds not really a good term, but other terms just don’t really hit the spot either, place will have to do.

    “Though your right, I do need to leave the patrols to others so I can focus on this.” He says with gesture to the newly piled papers in front of him.



    Duke looks chagrined.

    “My mistake, I hadn’t realized they were already under siege – well, maybe we could let them think they won a battle, push back our forces long enough to take some ‘poorly secured supplies’ we ‘had to leave behind in the retreat’, then punish them when they’re at the wall? I’m just throwing ideas out here, you’re obviously more practiced at this than I.”

    Duke settles into a chair, the wood groaning under his metal-reinforced frame as he rests his weight into it. His eyes seem unfocused for a moment, then he snaps back into the present.

    “Earth-that-was had a lot of trains, I was just accessing my legacy memory core. Richer areas had a lot more access to that infrastructure than poorer, despite them using personal vehicles for most transit, but that’s neither here nor there. Maybe there’s a way to get them to work here – inter-planar gates don’t work anymore, but maybe intra-planar gates would? I don’t know enough about magic to know for sure, but it seems like using technology to move a large load quickly could work well with magic opening a portal for a short time, if it’s possible.” He pauses, then quickly looks away, looking embarrassed.

    “You have more pressing things to worry about, don’t mind me. I like to think about ways to improve life around here, but I should really focus more on what’s going on now.”



    There’s a faint ‘whirring’ in the air as a soot-covered Caulder materializes out of visibly nowhere. An admixture of many watches and high-tech dials flashes and beeps from the doctor’s forearm. Caulder, with wide eyes and singed brows, slams some schematics hard upon the table, causing some of the table’s other contents to scatter and fly.

    “Not a casing, but a warhead. Revise your plans accordingly.”

    Caulder storms out of the tavern without another word, his frayed labcoat fluttering in a flurry of frenetic movement.

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    Looking over the plans, Harp’s eye will get wide and he will make a single line in chalk from the outside to below the ensieged city before looking back at Bishop expectantly.


    Brian Ragsdale

    Sheppard is still reminiscing of things that might have been as Caulder suddenly pops into existence near him. Sheppard zero’s in on the plans presented to him. He doesn’t even look up as he exclaims “You’re a beautiful man Caulder!”

    He looks over the new schematic and his gaze danced over the now scattered paper, picking up a few and carelessly discarding the ones he doesn’t need. He seems to find the sheets he’s looking for, holding them in one hand he casually pushes the rest off to the side before laying out his chosen pages. He starts jotting down notes, when Harp grabs one of the sheets and draws something. Sheppard doesn’t seem to notice until he reaches out and grabs a sheet nearly blindly. He puts pencil to paper before he notices that this sheet has a new chalk mark.

    He looks at it for a second then looks up into the expectant face of Harp. He looks back down and tries to make sense what Harp is trying to convey before looking back up at him. “I’m… I’m not getting what your aiming for here I think.” He squints at the sheet before looking back up, “Are you asking how close we gotta be before we can do some damage?”

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    Harp will shake his head, then make digging motions, again pointing back to the chalk line on the map


    Brian Ragsdale

    Ah, now the idea is obvious. “Gotcha!” Sheppard pointedly states, “Well sorry to say but your not the first to have that idea. ORB tried that and got shat on… well quite literally, they flooded the tunnel they made from the cistern.”

    Shaking his head, “I suspect that any further digging activities will see a similar end result, even if it’s only just to get up to the wall.”

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