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    Thomas white

    A sign is placed on the board in the tavern,

    Howdy y’all!

    Dusk here, your friendly local bounty hunter. My brother Dawn and I much appreciated our welcome back to the town of Oasis and barring any mishaps we are hoping to find our way back again sometime soon. I wanted to place this here bulletin up because several of y’all had questions about placing bounties and I wanted to clarify that some. First, if you want to place a bounty on someone you have to go through the bounty hunters network, which is a part of the law enforcement network. They will figure out if your grievance is a legal one and if a bounty is needed to bring in the offending party for trial. They will also give you a guideline for what that may cost you. Remember that the network takes a cut so the price is always higher than you think. (OOG this means go to plot to set up any bounties). I myself cannot accept bounties personally as that could jeopardize my status within the network. I can only accept bounties from the network itself once they have decided that it is worth their time to send us out. Any other questions feel free to post on this board or catch me in the tavern, that’s prolly where I’ll be.


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