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    Marshall Nystrom

    I received differing opinions from different folks on rules – how does Protect vs Feat work against Fumble Strike? I heard that it either works, as Fumble Strike targets the person and forces them to drop a specific item, or that it doesn’t because it targets the item.

    Relatedly, I also got a ruling that Protect vs Feat could be used on a specific item to protect that item vs a specific feat (i.e., Shatter Strike) for a half hour. Does this stand, or are Quick Fix and Resilience the only ways to protect vs shatter?

    Also, if Protect vs Feat can protect an item from shattering, does that Protect vs Feat protect against Shatter Shot, Shatter Strike, Shatter (War feat), or only one of those? Similarly, would Protect vs Lethal Strike protect against Lethal Shot, Slay, etc., Protect vs Cripple Strike protect vs Cripple Shot, Wither, etc, etc., or only the specific feat called when the feat is used?

    Finally, could Quick Fix be used before the item is shattered to prevent it from being broken in the first place, or only reactively after it’s broken?

    Thanks all!

    Darby Bohde


    Protect Vs Feat currently only applies to yourself or another person. It Currently Does not target items directly.

    This is a topic for the rules team to fully discuss when we meet after game. As it stands now, the feat reads as follows.

    This Feat allows the character to grant the target immunity from a specific standard path feat, determined at the time of casting, for 30 Minutes.

    So by this, you may use Protect Vs Shatter strike or protect Vs Fumble strike.

    This is not a catch all “Protect vs shatter” However, it does need to have a specific feat targeted. So yes, you must specify the feat directly, so shot/strike are separate.

    Currently as the rule for quick fix stands, it can only be applied to shattered items. This can be something we can look at in rules as well.

    Marshall Nystrom

    Thanks for the clarification! That helps me know what build I should be going for.

    Marshall Nystrom

    I have one more question about Protect vs Feat – how does it interact with Empowered Feat, as the feat has the same name in the Warrior, Death, Pain, War, and Marksman paths? Would I call for ‘Protect Vs Empowered Feat (War)’?


    In the past the same feat from different paths count as different feats (see also the shatter description above.)

    Traditionally the Empowered Feat has been cast on Self Only, but that has since been changed to Self/Other. Before it implied using your skill to improve your attack for one strike, which you could not protect yourself from them empowering themselves. If you can use this to empower someone else now, you could prevent them from empowering your next strike.

    If the idea now is that the feat is the strike itself, then as written Protect vs Feat works against Empowered Feat for the first time I can remember.


    Brian Ragsdale

    Empowered should be self only, not self other, and thus can’t be prevented with protect vs feat.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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