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    Marshall Nystrom

    As I’ve been working on Duke’s build, I’ve been working more and more on making him as much a wall as I can – I just wanted to have a quick check-in that I’m not making NPCs/plot not have fun by making my shield unbreakable and unfumbleable, because I can easily imagine it becoming a significant frustration to have portions of every fight become ‘smack at the shield for a while and you can’t do anything about it’

    Since I have until this Logistics cutoff to switch my character around, I’d like feedback on whether this is reducing the fun y’all are having before then, because there are plenty of other builds I’m happy to play as well.

    Darby Bohde

    So this was before my time, but legend tells of a PC who went only armor and protection, while using a massive shield. All he wanted to do was be a tank.

    I found that once I reached a certain armor level, I no longer needed my shield to feel effective. This is why my PC has an epic in armor and warrior. That is how I enjoyed playing the game!

    So, from my perspective, if you are having fun go for it. Overcome every obstacle you set your mind on if that is what you enjoy.

    From an NPC perspective, I enjoy seeing PCs using the tools they purchased to solve problems. If that requires me trying to get around your shield until I get murdered, so be it!

    Marshall Nystrom

    Alrighty, thanks for the reassurance – I just don’t want to keep anyone from having fun ’cause of me, you know? I’ll keep on my current trajectory and try and be as much of a wall as possible, haha.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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