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    Brian Ragsdale

    Here are the rules for engaging in RP in these forums.

    1) Any posts made here are assumed to be in the public knowledge. Either your character was present and witnessed the events, or could have heard of the events described from other people.

    2) You can describe any activities that your character is capable of with the following exceptions.

    No combat, there is no way to satisfactorily handle combat in RP forums when it’s tied to a boffer LARP character.
    No feat usage, standard or epic.
    Limited skill usage, generally this requires someone on plot to adjudicate in a thread.
    3) “Aggressive” acts are to be described on what the intent of the action is such as.

    “A hail of burning plasma erupts from Bob’s firearm as he targets the anger chattering squirrel.”

    “Bob had enough of James big mouth, he rushes towards James trying to grab him by the jacket to pin him against the wall.”
    In this way the other player/plot may respond as they see fit. Using our Prior examples responses could be from plot:

    “The squirrel is caught squarely in the chest, instantly killing it. The force of the blast knocks it’s now smoldering body to the ground 10 feet from the tree it was in.”

    “James deftly steps to the side avoiding Bob’s grapple. James opens his mouth to say something for a second before thinking better of it, instead he tenses his jaw closed, muscles visibly working to keep it that way, spins on his heal and walks away from the situation.”.
    Alternately if James’ player wished to be caught in this confrontation,

    “James wasn’t prepared for Bob to rush him and is caught squarely by Bob. His back hits the wall followed by a hallow thud as his head bangs solidly into it. James grunts out “You know you had that coming! You want to settle this? Then lets settle it!” with this James tries to push Bob off of him.”
    If the players wanted to take this to a combat level they would need to end the scene on the forums and continue it at the next game they meet at.

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