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    Adam Bacon

    Duglaz limped back to his hide away. His armor again messed up. Another job done. Another bunch of injuries on the list. Rest. Sleep. Regeneration. These were the words on him mind. As he entered his hideout the lights flickered to life. Xia’s terminal logged on and she spoke.
    “Welcome back Re… Oh my CPUs what happened!?”

    As Duglaz peeled the blood soaked armor off his body it pulled at loose bits of skin and flesh making them bleed anew. He dropped his pants to reveal a bullet being pushed out of his left butt cheek.
    “Xia… Armor you can dismiss and summon is nice but we need to talk about surprise attacks… Armor is only good when its protecting you…”

    With a grunt he set the armor onto the form in the manufacturing chamber.
    “Let’s drop the dismissing and summoning it thing and focus on protecting vital areas… Like my ass…”

    “I-i’ll get right on revision 2 of the M-mark 5 right now. I-i’ll put all my available CPU on it. I-i Didn’t think… I’m so sorry Reaper…”

    “It’s okay.” Duglaz stopped to light a cigar and climb up into his regeneration bed. “Xia… I don’t think i’m built for this world.”

    “Reaper you’re the most advanced piece of tech here. You have been to countless worlds fought gods and….”

    “XIA! I said I don’t think I’m BUILT for this world… I think it’s time. We have the power levels now. We have the plans researched. I think it’s time to go to phase 3 again.”

    Xia’s light stayed focused on Duglaz in the bed. There was nothing but silence for so long Duglaz had finished the cigar.
    “You know what that entails Reaper. We need months and months to do it right… If we go to phase 3… You’ll be out of commission till it’s done.”

    “I know. But we did it in every other world. Nothings changed. I need to be rebuilt from the flesh up. Authorization code Omega 9 5 8 6.”

    The regeneration bed produced straps and latched onto Duglaz as it turned vertical. A long cylinder rose from the ground sealing him inside. He took a few breaths as a green liquid started to fill the tank and bubble like acid eating away at him.

    “Dissolving all flesh and nano machine, reducing DNA to BIO gel, Nano machines redirected to upgrade bay, power core redesign in progress, upgrade status 0%, Good night Reaper. Dream well.”

    As the mass of bubbles subsided the only things left in the tank were some pieces of Morpheus tech, the bio gel, Duglaz’s power core, and a brain with many obvious cybernetic upgrade and cables wiring it to the pod. In time his body and form will be rebuilt, his flesh reformed, his cybernetics more attuned to this world. But for now. He sleeps.

    Adam Bacon

    After a week in the bio gel nerves would form from the brain.soon eyes, bones, and, muscles would form. Each enhanced to be more attuned to the Nexus. Though it wouldn’t improve his abilities his body will become more open to adaptation to this world. A process he has undergone in ever world he has visited.

    After a month his body would almost be whole again. Translucent skin would start to grow over his form. Looking much like a chicken bearing the end of incubation his power core would dig into his chest. Though dim it would now light up the room in a faint blue and purple hue.

    “Reaper mk X 95% complete. Time to wake up.”

    “5 more minutes Xia. 5 more minutes.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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