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    Words have power, and can be used to raise each other up, or to push each other down. Sometimes we do not see the ripple effects that our words have, yet that does not mean they are not there.

    As people here realize I am a new mother, and as such there are certain biological things happening. One of these is the need to produce food for my child. At one point during game, early in the day, I was walking to the cabin when someone made a comment about how long it takes me to pump. Feeling guilty that as a member of plot I was hurting the game by taking 20 mins every 3 hours, I cut every 20 minute pump time down to 10 mins. This seems like a minor thing. A seemingly small ripple in response to a single comment.

    But sadly ripples will keep spreading once an action is taken. Due to cutting the time down I developed a clogged duct on Saturday. By Sunday that had turned into a very dangerous infection with a fever of 103 and an ER trip needed. It left me in such a weakened state I could not even sit up on my own. By the time I was feeling better it resulted in lower food production which is now effecting my child.

    As you can see the ripples continued to spread, and get larger as they do. It was just one comment said in passing as a joke, but the ripple effects of that comment have been going on now for 6 days and are now effecting people not involved in the initial comment.

    This is just an example of how what we say spreads, and fast. When we are talking to or about each other it may be easy to call another player a name, say something negative about how another player looks, etc. But those ripples spread, and they end up effecting people you may not have been talking about. So please, take a moment and make sure the comments we are all saying are in the right spirit and are creating a positive effect, not a negative one. If we make too many negative ripples this will foster a negative environment. Which all of us agree is not the kind of community we want for our LARP’ing family.


    I’m going to touch base back on this.
    As part of the Player Relations team, I will take anyone at any time to the side if I see them treating any other player like this.
    Specifically for this case? Cassandra doesn’t have to be at game. She could be at home with that beautiful baby of hers (Darby helped too, I suppose) and not be getting dirty and tired wit us in the woods But she comes to help facilitate the game, assisting in making things run more smoothly so that we can all have a good time.
    Look up Wheaton’s Law, and follow it, please.
    Now let’s get back to having a fun time, making ourselves look like idiots with the baby noises when the wee one is around and enjoy beating each other up in the woods!

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