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Character Creation

This is a quick overview of the character creation process. For a more nuanced view, along with example builds, please visit our New Player Guide.

All characters start with 75 SP to work with. Bribe can be spent to increase this starting amount by 15 SP to a total of 90 SP.

The basics of creating a character can be broken down into the following steps.

  1. Work out the basic character concept
  2. Assign SP to the most critical skills for the character
  3. Assign SP to the  important path skills for the character
  4. Assign remaining SP to supplemental skills and path skills
  5. Pick your feats from your Path Skill purchases
  6. Pick your Characters Race and Racial feat
  7. Assign your remaining stat points after accounting the ones that come with the race
  8. E-mail in a workup of the character to Logistics@dyinglight.org or submit it through the logistics update page