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Within the setting of Dying Light, there are seven playable race groups; two of which possess sub-races.  There are no known half races within the Nexus Realm and as a rule; a character will always be the same race as their mother.

Each race provides mechanical bonuses to the character, along with a cultural heritage and history.  This is provided in greater detail within the Player’s Guide.

Racial Bonuses

Race Bonuses
Terran High Tech Use
*Additional bonuses
Fey/ Dark Fey High Magic Use
*Magic Path feat OR Claws
Beastmen Warrior Feat OR Claws
Dwarves Body Feat OR Merchant and Contacts
Felinae Quickness Feat OR Claws
Mutants Claws AND Poison Touch
Revenants Claws AND Undying

Please note that some of these races have make-up or costume requirements which must be worn at all times while playing.

See the racial feat Description: in chapter four.

Also of note, each race has its own starting equipment list that will be presented to you at the time of character creation.

Racial Costume Requirements

Race Physical Representation
Terran No Requirement
Terran: Tinker Gear “tattoo” located on the head, neck, hands, or wrist.  Cannot be hidden in hair
Terran: Cyborg Approximately 1” by 2” barcode located on the head, neck, hands, or wrist.  Cannot be hidden in hair.
Fey/ Dark Fey: Elves Pointed Ears
Fey/ Dark Fey: Fairies Pointed Ears and Wings
FeyKith Must phys-rep the distinct race. Must not be able to be confused with other races.
Beastmen Horns
Dwarves Three braids
Felinae Cat Make-up
Mutants Must obviously have a deformity
Revenants Must be obviously undead