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Requirements to Participate

Release forms

We require each participant to have a release of liability form on file for each year. If we do not have one on file you can sign one at check-in. We also have an optional form allowing O.I.L. authorized photographers to use your likeness in promotional and commercial material.

Site Fee

Each event has a clearly posted site fee, payable in advance through our website, or in person.

Personal Items

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Medications
  • Sleeping equipment – Most sites provide thin sleeping mattresses in a shared bunk house. Consider blankets, sleeping bags, ear-plugs, masks etc…
  • Food (details covered below)
  • Personal Hygiene products


Saturday night we hold a potluck, we ask that all participants who can, bring a dish for the potluck. Coordination of the potluck theme is primarily done on our Facebook group. Participants who can’t bring a dish will be assigned additional cleanup duty.

We recommend that you bring five other meals to cover Friday night, Saturday morning and day, and Sunday morning.


We use Headbands to indicate the status of a player/character. These should be kept available to you so that you can put one on to indicate a change in your player/characters status, the four colors that a player generally should have available are:

  • Orange (Out Of Game)
  • White (Spirit)
  • Yellow (None-Combatant)
  • Blue (Invisible)

These are detailed out in the Core Mechanics section.


For the first three events you attend, you will only need to meet the minimum requirements to participate. You will need to supply your own boffers, dart blasters, and spell packets. These items can often be borrowed from the rest of the player-ship, so feel free to reach out on our forums and Facebook group to ask for assistance.

After your third event, you will need to have all of your tags phys-rep’d, and be able to meet the costuming requirements for your chosen race. Please see the item rule-book for details on what each tag requires for it’s phys-rep.

We encourage creativity when doing costuming, however we do ask that you make sure that it’s safe for incidental contact. We don’t want any thing sharp enough to hurt a participant or to damage a boffer were it to be struck. If you want that sharp and pointy look, then those pieces will need to be made out of a flexible material, such as EVA foam. It’s also wise to keep in mind that this can be a very physically active environment. Costuming and Garb that is designed to be flexible and something you can run around in, will serve you well.

Boffers must always be checked by a member of the safety team each event before they can be used at the event. This is a “Lightest Touch” LARP, so the boffers must be soft enough to not cause bruising when used to strike someone. This means that the core can not be easily felt when the striking surface is compressed. We accept Latex style boffers, and most professional LARP equipment manufactures pass our safety check with little issue.

The two brands of boffers that we strongly suggest you avoid are “Hero’s Edge” and “Calimacil”. The former produces a very cheap product and we’ve seen a large number of failures from them, the latter produces and excellent quality product, but find that the foam used is usually far too stiff.