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Augments are a general class of item that confer a bonus to a character once embedded in the characters body. There are several types of augments found in the game world, each with their own unique style and feel. We will cover the two main types of Augments, Morpheus Tech and Arcane Grafts.

All types of augments require that the character surgically implant the augment in there body. This is a 10 minute action with a character with three purchases of the Medic skill. All races are able to accept up to five (5) different augments safely. A plot member must oversee the addition of any augments beyond this number.

Augments do not stack the bonus that they provide, with other augments, unless otherwise stated on the tag. For instance, you can only have one augment that only improves strength, regardless of the type. Augments of different types will work together, so long as they do not provide the same bonus.

You must phys rep this enhancement. Many players choose to paint circuitry or arcane symbols on exposed skin, use prosthetic, or attach electronics (safely) to their costumes. We leave it up to the player’s discretion for how they do this, but your phys rep must be visible should someone do a detailed examination of you, and should in some way represent the benefit you’re garnering from the item.