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Physreps and requirements

Basics of Physreps

Phys repping stands for physical representation and is the shorthand term for how we represent items you get in game. Now in order to make sure no one gets hurt all weapon boffers have fairly strict requirements and must be checked by the safety team each game to make sure they are adhering to these requirements.

For Melee weapons a core must be in the weapon unless it is a small melee weapon (see skills to see what is defined as small). In addition there must be a minimum of 1/4″ of foam between non striking parts of the boffer and the core, 1/2″ for striking surfaces, and 1″ between the tip of the boffer and the core. For Thrown Weapons they must be coreless or have a flexible core and match the phys rep requirements of the item you are trying to represent. If you are looking for a good foam to use for boffers we recommend 2-4 lb EVA or similar micro-cell foam

We highly encourage creativity when creating phys reps so as long as the items are adhering to the requirements feel free to make them whatever you want. Just make sure the item is durable as it is going to take constant wear and tear throughout its use in game.

One Time Use

Item Name Description
Ambrosia Pill shaped consumable (no actual meds)
Adrenaline Hypo or pill shaped consumable (no actual meds)
Body Kit Be creative
Bone Gel Hypo or bandage
Corrosive Green core-less boffer
Disguise Kit Racial requirements of target race
Explosives Red core-less boffer
Gene Manipulation Kit Small hand-held medical device
Greek Fire Yellow core-less boffer
Haste Small vial
Hyper Crazy Glue Small vial or bottle
Hyper Crazy Glue Solvent Small vial or bottle
Insight Small vial
Mage Oil Small vial
Magic Brand Pen or pen-shaped item
Minor Potion of Healing Small vial
Muscles Small vial
Pebble of Protection A small stone
Poison Small vial before application
Poison: Feeble Small vial before application
Poison: Senseless Small vial before application
Poison: Sloth Small vial before application
Poison: Wasting Small vial before application
Poison Antidote Small vial
Potion of Enlightenment Small vial
Pulse Grenade Silver core-less boffer
R-Pack Pill shaped object or skin creme (no actual meds)
Resurrection Stone Small stone or gem
Soma Small vial
Stalwart Small vial
Smelling Salts Be creative!
TK Weld Small vial or syringe

Low Magic

Item Name Description
Bag of Holding A 4.75 cubic inch or small container for the tags, kept in any sort of bag (FT-19 available at TAP Plastics)
Body Amulet A pendant or brooch
Bow of True Shooting A bow or bow-shaped Nerf-style weapon
Bullet Barrier A piece of cloth at least 4 inches wide that you can wrap around your waist
Cloth of Limb Regrowth A piece of cloth at least 12″ by 12″
Cup of Purification A cup or drink canister
Dancing Lord Boots Boots or closed-toe shoes
Gem of True Seeing A clear gem or monocle
Magic Shirt A shirt covering the full torso
Magic Weapon A boffer or Nerf bow
Manacles of Holding Rope or easily removable bindings
Mirrored Shield Shield
Oath Pen Pen
Talisman of Harmony Large pin or pendant
Quickness Bracer Bracer or a large cuff of at least 3″

Low Tech

Item Name Description
Blow Gun PVC pipe tube able to deliver Nerf darts
Communications Device Walkie-talkie or cell phone
D.R.E.A. A 10 cubic inch or smaller container for tags, kept in any sort of container (FT-38 or FT-23 available at TAP Plastics)
Extended Clip N/A
Gene Tester Small tech box. Be creative
Gloves of Human Touch Gloves
Goggles of See Invisibility Goggles. Standard glasses do not count
Hypo A syringe device
Kevlar Heavy vest or jacket
Pistol Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets
Rifle Two-handed Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets
Self Tightening Rope Rope or easily removable bindings
SMG Two handed Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets
Soma Stilling Unit Be creative
Waste Disposal Unit Container large enough to fit items into

High Magic

Item Name Description
<path> Channeler Bracelet or cuff
Universal Channeler Bracelet or cuff

High Tech

Item Name Description
High Caliber Pistol Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets
High Caliber Rifle Two handed Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets
High Caliber SMG Two handed Nerf gun or equivalent, gun toy with packets


These items are extremely rare and only handed out by plot. Be creative in your prop creation should you obtain one of these items.


Must be phys repped in such a way that it is visible of someone does a detailed examination of you, and should represent the benefits you’re garnering from the item. Ideas include painting circuitry or symbols on exposed skin, prosthetics, or safely attached electronics

Item Name Description
Morpheus Tech Tech-based, be creative
Arcane Grafts Magic-based, be creative