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Magic Paths

All basic magical calls apply bonuses from the Intelligence stat as well as the associated Skill Path of magic. Magic cannot be used without purchases in one of the following path skills. The first purchase of a magical path skill provides +2 and allows the character to utilize magic. Thereafter, each purchase provides an additional +1 to that path of magic. Magic is not cumulative across paths. The delivery method for basic magic calls is either touch or packet. Magical calls penetrate normal armor and shields. Additionally packet delivered magic calls that hit weapons are considered successful.

Base magic calls cannot be performed when a character is under physical attack. Unless under the effects of feat that says otherwise, a character must be free of physical attack for 3 seconds before they can perform basic magic calls again. Feats are still usable.

Characters may at any time choose to perform a basic call for less than they are capable of. When calling damage, practitioners of Death, Pain, and War may choose between the generic term “Magic” and the name of their path. Generic spell packets do not require tags, but must be approved by a representative of the safety committee.