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Path Skills, Feats, and Epic Feats

Path Skills

Aare those skills which provide access to Feats and provide numeric bonus’s to damage calls or defenses.  All Path Skills can be purchased multiple times; for every purchase of the skill path the player may select a Feat at no additional cost.  This is the only means for characters to attain Feats through the expense of Skill Points.  Each Path Skill has both a cost next to the name and a brief description, representing the developed knowledge of the character. Costs for Path Skills are fixed; the prices are the same at character creation as they are later in the game.


Are special effects or actions activated by the character.  They are categorized into three types—physical (P), magical (M), exceptional (E), or (T) thought altering.  The entry of a Feat further includes the targeting which can be self (S), other (O) and area of effect (AOE); as well as the delivery methods of touch (T), packet (P), Nerf (N), directed (D), boffer (B), thrown boffer (TB), and centered on character (CoC).  Some Feats have an instantaneous effect (I), while other Feats have a prolonged effect which is measured in time and indicated numerically.  Times followed by an asterisk indicate that the Feat has special conditions associated with the duration.

The type (T) thought altering is a little special. These effects can only be avoided when they are packet delivered. If they are touch delivered, the target is unaware of the feat usage and thus cannot negate or avoid it.

The list of valid targets is an inclusive list, this means that if the target value is not listed, it is not considered a valid targets. As such feats that only contain the (S) tag can only target Self.

Descriptor Key

Descriptor Tag Key
Type (P)
Thought Altering
Target (S)
Area of Effect
Delivery (T)
Thrown Boffer
Centered On Character
Duration (I)
Duration – Time stated in minutes

Epic Feats

Are special effects or actions activated by the character. Epic Feats are like standard Feats, the notable difference being that they are always Exceptional and require a defensive Epic Feat to circumvent them. A player chooses an Epic Feat, in addition to a standard feat, on the fifteenth purchase in a path skill.