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Welcome to the Dying Light New Player Guide!

Dying light is a community of Live Action Role Players, where we come together to participate in a communal story telling. It takes place in a combination science fiction and fantasy setting in a place call “The Nexus”. The blend of both both genre’s provide us an opportunity to bring in a wealth of stories that unfold and develop as the players and plot team interact with them. Our lens into Nexus is focused on a town known as “Oasis” where characters that we play live out their lives. Oasis has it’s roots in being a trading hub, but like everything in the Nexus, it’s grown into something else, something more. The people that call Oasis home are a varied sort, with most of the “Adventuring” types staying on the outskirts, closest to the excitement and danger that the unstable nature of The Nexus provides. The outskirts of Oasis is setting and stage for the stories that we tell together, and the portion of the world we play out in our weekend long events.

What is LARP? – Live Action Role Play

Live Action Role Play (LARP) is an immersive and interactive role playing experience. Each person who comes to an event has created a character using the system inside our rulebooks. Characteristics like race, skills, and magical abilities are all chosen and put into a character sheet. This is your character on paper, but when you get to game and put on your costume, you take on the role of that character adding flesh and bones to the paper skeleton you have made. Plot is a group of people who are in charge of portraying a living breathing univers, often this is done by bringing out extras and opponents called NPC’s (non-player characters). These along with the other people playing characters will advance stories, create intrigue, and of course provide opportunities for combat.

New Beginnings

Before you come to your first event you will want to read through the Core Rulebook. It will provide the basics you will need to know to participate in one of our events. Our Core Rulebook describes the basic mechanics of our gaming environment, our expected player conduct, and a quick introduction on character creation. If your familiar with LARPing in general you should be able to head over to it and start building a character right away.

Where the Core Rulebook leaves off are the details of the Skill and Feats you can purchase at character creation, and the Items that you will run into during game. You’ll want to look through those, but as it’s a lot of information you won’t have to memorize it all right away. They are very useful for figuring out how to build the character that you will want to play as.