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The History of a place is really what makes it. For you see the echos and scars of past deeds are often laid deep into the ground. For the Nexus this is even more so, for deeds done in the past have had dramatic effects on this place.

But history is also changeable, mutable. Each race views events in a different way, records history in a unique light. Not all histories agree, but there are many common threads.

The Timeline of The Nexus

Way Back

The Nexus Exists

Dwarfs and Felinae are created

Nexus is unstable in land mass and in time, but time always flows forward, just at different rates. Stable points are pretty close to the same relative time to each other


Humans and Fae open gates to The Nexus

Within 10-50 years they run into each other

Within 10-50 years war breaks out

The War

War continues 200-1500 years

Gates crash

Desperate war continues 500-1000 years

Truce is called ~200 years ago

The aftermath

Truce is called and civilization picks it’s self up again