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The pantheon of greater powers present through Nexus is as diverse as the beings that inhabit it. You will find mention and worship of beings of all levels of power, from a wizened old story teller, to powers that could crush an entire city in the palm of their hand.

All of these extraordinary beings have purview’s, or areas of influence where they both draw their power from and are most able to have an affect on the Nexus.

The powers beyond what mortals can reach are generically called “Divinities” and are broken down into three general groups.

Scions – Beings that mostly act as a bridge between the mortal peoples and the rest of the divinities. Most seem to be connected or tied to another greater power.

Lesser Divinity – A host of powerful entities are considered the Lesser Divinity. You will find Demon warlords, mercurial story tellers, crotchety healers, and guides to the afterlife among there rank.

Greater Divinity – Beings so powerful that it seems little is able to shake them. There are five well known Greater Divinities that are said to be guardians of Nexus, keeping other powerful creatures from pressing their way into Nexus.