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The Nexus

The Nexus, the source of songs of magic, the redemption of the human race, the armpit of the multiverse.

These and many other names are attributed to the place we call “The Nexus”.

Nexus is not a world as we know it. It’s not a ball of rock hurling through space, leashed to the gravitational pull of a star, but rather it seems to be more of a plane of existence. Time and space are not bound by the same rules that we know and are familiar with, it’s unstable terrain is varied beyond imagination, drifting where the currents of this place take it.

Nexus in short is a world of uncertainty, promise, and unknown potential.

All the residents of the Nexus have a different idea of what the Nexus is, and how it operates. However, despite this is some commonality, this is what we will focus on here.

The lands of Nexus are not stable, they shift, stretch and drift. This would make building a society nearly impossible if it weren’t for the stable places. There are points of relative stability that change and move at a pace slow enough for people to build on them. These places are where civilization has built it’s towns, cities, or other dwellings. These points of stability still drift, but large swaths of land move with them as they do.

Time is strange in this place, while it does always march forward, it does so at different rates. Oddly many of the larger stable places march forward through time at a similar pace. Where one most notably finds the differences in time is when one travels into the wildelands. A journey between two points of stability can take vastly different amounts of time on any given trip.