Dwarves are a subterranean race of humanoids.  Despite living primarily underground, their stature and eyesight are unaffected by the conditions under which they live.  The race is capable of existing above ground and does not show any signs of light-sensitivity.  Their height is human-like. Some Dwarf females have been known to have beards.  The maximum racial ability score for Dwarves is ten with an exception of twelve for their Constitution.  Dwarves receive one Body Feat OR Merchant and one Contacts as their racial bonus.

Dwarves are supposedly an indigenous race of the Nexus Realm and occupy underground cities carved from rock.  The culture is rigid and steeped in traditions placing high value on metallurgy and craft.  There are three Kingdoms, five Clans, and numerous Families.  The people represent their commitment to these institutions by wearing three braids.  The lifespan of a Dwarf can extend to approximately 500 years.

The typical attire of a Dwarf is medieval in style; however, they are able to adapt most clothing, favoring garments that are sturdy and practical in construction.

Racial Costume Requirement: Three Braids. This can be in either the Dwarf’s beard or hair. Women do *not* have to don a fake beard, but it would not be out of place in Nexus.

Racial Bonus: One Body Feat OR Merchant and one Contacts