Felinae are a race of feline-humanoid hybrids.  The cats are furred, with markings that vary based upon their heritage and tribe.  Similarly, not all Felinae have tails.  The maximum racial ability score for Felinae is ten with an exception of twelve for their Dexterity.  Felinae receive either one Quickness Feat or may choose to have the natural weaponry of Claws as their racial bonus.

The Felinae are supposedly an indigenous race to the Nexus Realm, living in territorial tribes and unlike most, have a spoken language that is unaffected by the Nexus magic which unifies common oral communication.  The lifespan of a Felinae can extend to approximately 60 years.

Felinae are most likely to dress in primitive tribal clothing, though their natural fur protects them from the elements.  This can differ though, as some may find fine clothing and jewelry more appealing.

Racial Costume Requirement: Cat Make-up such as cat ears, striped or spotted face paint, whiskers or prosthetics to simulate a cat’s nose are examples of appropriate racial costuming.

Racial Bonus: One Quickness Feat or Claws