Fey/ Dark Fey

The Fey are a race with three sub-races: Elves, Fairy, and Feykith.  Dark Fey are a corruption within the Fey and therefore have a slightly different racial bonus.  While Dark Fey have no physical differences from other Fey; their distinction comes from their connection to darker magic.  These Fey also have an affinity for the spiritual, they have become touched by darker forces—specifically Death Magic.  Though the Fey and Dark Fey are sometimes described as fairy tale creatures by the Humans and Dwarves, they are in truth a magically advanced race.    The maximum racial ability score for Fey is ten with an exception of twelve for their Intelligence.  Fey receive one Magic Path Feat, from the listed options, as their racial bonus, while Dark Fey receive one Death Feat as their racial bonus. Feykith can choose Claws instead of the Magic Path feat.


Elves are the most numerous sub-races of Fey and Dark Fey within the Nexus Realm.  By virtue of their race Elves possess a natural affinity for magic, as represented by their Racial Bonuses and by extension a cultural association to magic as a whole.  The lifespan of an Elf can extend to approximately 2000 years.

Traditionally, Elves prefer to dress in more medieval clothing—it is uncommon to see an Elf adopt a more modern human style of garb.

Racial Costume Requirement: Pointed Ears

Racial Bonus: High Magic Use and One Life Feat OR One Death Feat OR One War Feat


Fairies are another sub-race of Fey that, along with several other distinctions from Elves, most notably have wings.  Contrary to Human assumptions, these creatures are not diminutive and their wings are seemingly nonfunctioning; they do not fly.  The lifespan of Fairies can extend to approximately 500 years.

Due to the nature of Fairies, their fashion choices are not conforming to any one style.  They can be fickle or flighty and this extends to a Fairy’s attire.

Racial Costume Requirement: Pointed Ears and Wings.

Racial Bonus: High Magic Use and One Life Feat OR One Death Feat OR One Pain Feat


Feykith is the term applied to the myriad of other fey races present in the Nexus that lack a population large enough to warrant categorization.  While this sub-race is comprised of dryads, nymphs, red caps, and—as humans can attest—many of the creatures of fairytale lore; they possess enough similarities which allow them to be identified as Fey.  The lifespan of a Fey Commoner can extend to approximately 500 years.

Similar to Fairies, there is enough variety amongst the Fey Commoners that their style of garb is too diverse to mention.

Racial Costume Requirement: Must phys-rep the distinct race. Must not be able to be confused with other races.

Racial Bonus: High Magic Use and One Magic Skill Path Feat or Claws