Getting started

This looks awesome but where to I start?

You’re in luck friend, here is a short list of the what you should be reading through.

World Guide


New Player Guide

Character creation guide

What about the site?

We want to make the game as approachable as we can, so all the sites that we use will have the following:

  • Beds – No linens, but camp mattresses are provided. They can be rather firm, and are usually in bunk beds
  • Bathrooms, indoor plumbing and hot showers
  • A kitchen, this ranges from full commercial setups to a multi burner gas outdoor stove. We always have running water and most sites have sinks

What do I need to play?

You’ve read the Rulebooks right? Great! You’ll need this for the next step.

Got a character design in mind? Write up your build, remember that new characters start with 50 Skill Points.

Get your costuming for your character, this can be as simple or as complex as you want. Take a look at the photo gallery to get an idea on what is common in our group. If you need help just ask on the forums or on the Facebook group.

Now for the practical needs of what you need to bring to each game.

  • Event fee, see the page for the event to list current fee’s.
  • Food for the weekend. You should bring enough for 4-5 solid meals. We do a Saturday night potluck, and encourage you to contribute. If you can’t do so, then we will ask you to help clean up the dishes for those who do cook for the potluck.
  • Bedding – Our sites provide camp mats, but you’ll want a sleeping bag or sheets, pillow and any coverings you need to help with the light, and possibly extra padding.
  • Toiletries – We have regular bathrooms and showers, so bring things like toothpaste, soap, deodorant, a towel, and any medication you need.
  • A change of clothing, or three. This is the North Wet, come prepared!
  • Costuming, prosthetics, body paint.
  • Boffers and/or spell packets to use in combat. The Dyinglight verse can be a rough one, most folks have some way of defending themselves.

Oh and bring extra socks!

How do I play?

Now that you have all of your needs covered and you have an idea of what you want to do, how do you actually get out and play?

First check the events list, and sign up for the event, this helps us make sure we have all the beds we need for everyone coming.

Next, get your gear together and get on site! On arriving you will want to drop your gear off and claim a bed.

Once you’ve returned your car to the parking area, you will want to check in with Logistics. They will be squirreled away with a laptop and printer,  and will be ready to accept the event fee and will print off your character card. We have a Saturday night potluck, if you aren’t able to contribute food for it you will be asked to help keep up on the dishes as your way of contributing.

Get your garb on and any prosthetics you need, take a moment to get yourself into head space of the character. Once your geared up hang out and wait for opening Ceremonies.

We’ll do opening ceremonies, go over the teams and general safety stuff and call game on. From this point until Sunday morning you should do your best to stay in character, we understand that’s a tall order, and if you need to break character there are designated Out Of Game area’s so you can decompress.

Sunday morning you will need to pack up your gear and clean your area. Once your done and loaded help with the general site cleaning. If you’re not sure how to help just ask and we’ll direct you towards tasks that need doing.

Once we are all cleaned up we will do closing ceremonies and most of us will head to Afters to grab some food on our way home.