Mutants as a race are mutated version of any previously listed race.  The unifying trait of mutants is that they have all suffered a mutation of some sort and the replacement of former racial bonuses. The maximum racial ability score for Mutants is nine.  Mutants receive both the natural weaponry of Claws and the Specialty Feat Poison Touch.

Mutants are less of a race, and more the victims of the errant energies released during the war. Weather these deformities were caused by technological or magical means matters not.  The Lifespan of Mutants can extend to approximately 200 years.

Mutants may wear the clothing of their previous heritage and/or fashion which suits their new state of existence.

Racial Costume Requirement: In addition to the Mutant’s former racial characteristics, the Mutant must have an obvious deformity. Extra arms, tentacles, a third eye, or a face on the back of your head are all good examples.

Racial Bonus: Claws and Poison Touch.