Organizational updates March 2020

There have been a number of updates in between the 2019 and 2020 seasons. So here’s a breakdown of the changes in a bullet point format for ease of reading.


In general, the team roles and expectations have been clarified. Those details are available on a new page here.


  • Community Contributions – We have now opened up submitting and running modules to the community! Check for “Module Submissions” under the contact menu.
  • Head of Plot is now managerial – Will process community contributions, handle scheduling of modules for event
  • Plot members – Responsible for running all the story-lines and modules at event. Not a big change, just more clearly defined expectations and how they will operate internally

Conflict Resolution:

  • New team that replaces a lot of what PR was doing. This allows us to have PR focus on outreach.
  • Team members are trained in conflict resolution
  • A new Disciplinary Action Board consisting of the Org’s President, Vice President and the Head of Conflict resolution has been made. This has been created to vote on any major conflict issues that come up. This assures that the best handling of any of the larger conflicts that may come up are addressed in the best way possible.

Community Standards:

The player code of conduct has had a significant re-write. It’s simpler to follow, with details spelled out on a separate page so that the rule-book doesn’t get clogged down too much.

We have updated our transparency policy regarding disciplinary actions. We now have a page that lists any persons under an active corrective action. It can be found on the Conflict Report page under the Contacts menu.