Revenants are a race of undead that can be from any of the previously mentioned races—Terran, Fey, Beastmen, Dwarves, Felinae, or Mutant.  The unifying characteristics of this race are the distinctive appearance of death and the replacement of former racial bonuses.  The maximum racial ability score for Revenants is nine.  Revenants receive both the natural weaponry of Claws and the Specialty Feat Regeneration.

Revenant origins are unknown, though their appearance is closely tied to the origins of Death magic.  Many Revenants have gathered in the former Elven city of Athenea, now The City of the Liberated Dead, and call this place home.  The lifespan of a Revenant is unknown; currently there are no Revenants older than the Gate Wars.

Revenants may wear the clothing of their previous heritage and/or fashion which suits their new state of existence.

Racial Costume Requirement: In addition to whatever racial characteristics the Revenant had in life, the player must appear obviously undead. Examples of this are pale skin with sunken eyes, death wounds, protruding bones.

Racial Bonus: Claws and Undying.