Rules Change Log

Oct 6th, 2019:

  • Completed adjustment to craft point values of items. Crafters now receive 5 CP per purchase of the path, and no longer have to pay for the production cost of items.
  • Significant changes to poisons. Standard poison prevents normal healing until the poison is removed. Stat poisons now set the afflicted stat to -1. Improving details of what a negative stat means to simplify.
  • Removed blowguns and poison dagger, replaced with 3 sp skill “Poisoner” which allows them to apply poison to any weapon.
  • Updated Poison Touch and Poison shot to allow the player to choose the kind of poison delivered.
  • Quickness bracers now add dodges instead of dex.

Oct 3rd, 2019:

  • Removed ‘other’ from delivery options for all empowered feats

August 23rd, 2019:

  • Reverted partial change to Thought Altering effects – touching a target’s body with a Thought Altering effect now causes the effect to be undetectable and thus unresistible. The target’s body must be touched for this – an effect cast through touching the target’s held items can be detected and resisted as normal.
  • Fear feat: Now specifies distance (30 feet) the affected creature must flee before they can act under their own volition again.
  • Taunt effects are now Physical, Thought Altering and can thus be resisted with Steel Mind and removed by Cure Madness.
  • Enchant Weapon (War Path) has been replaced by Imbue Item (War Path), can now enchant armor as well, and grants an additive +5 bonus. Updated duration from Instant to 30 minutes, and updated targeting to Item from Self, Other.
  • Imbue Item is also added to the Craft Path.
  • Armor Boost and all Power Boosts have been capped at three concurrent uses per path.
  • Characters may repair a shattered item they are skilled in the use of by spending 10 minutes of work and paying 5 x the CP cost in credits. Engineering and Ritual grant the ability to repair all non-skilled items that are Technological or Magical, respectively.
  • Mending Feat now allows the character to repair a single item in one minute for free, or a number of items up to their buys in Craft Path by spending ten minutes, also for free.
  • QuickFix (Craft Path) has been replaced by Fortify (Craft Path), which has the same effect but can also be applied to unbroken items to make them immune to the Shatter effect.
  • Engineering has been overhauled to have time requirements, failure rate, and critical chance based on the character’s attributes and Engineering level in relation to the difficulty of the task. Refer to the Rulebook for more information, but by default it takes 1 hour and has a 40% failure chance, reduced by stats.


August 18th, 2019:

  • Changed rule from implied to explicit that ‘Other’-targeted feats from the Warrior, Marksman, and Gunslinger feats must be delivered by a weapon associated with the Path.
  • Changed the wording on the Marksman Epic ‘Unstoppable’ to cause the True-Shot effect on basic ranged attacks rather than infinite uses of True-Shot for the duration.
  • Sanctuary may now be exited at will – the barrier does not trap creatures, though it does still block feats and attacks.
  • Death Turning no longer ends when the user drops their finger, and is now a Thought Affecting ability and can be resisted with Steel Mind.
  • Feign Death now lasts for 30 minutes, rather than 10.
  • Cure Poison now cures all active poisons on the target, rather than just one.