Staff positions


Team roles

Head: Responsible for managing Plot Members. Handles scheduling and approval of submissions from Contributors. Provides times to Running contributors based on schedule. May submit plots but not required. Schedules meeting to go over plots and block out schedule with team.

Plot Member: Operates from and can sleep in plot building during game. Submits to run 2 long duration plots (>4 games), 2 Medium duration plots (2-4 games), 2 short term plots (1-2 games), and 1 random encounter per event. May submit additional plots as they wish. Assists with training Contributors or running contributor plots.

Contributor: Contributors are broken down into three tiers.
Concept contributor: Submits ideas to plot team for consideration. Will often be consulted with for chosen contributions. May be involved as an NPC for plot, but otherwise should not engage with their own submitted modules.
Training contributor: As above, but will be trained by a Plot Member to run modules. Will come to plot at time provided to them for selected modules to assist with preperation, and running of module.
Running contributor: As above but will now run the module at provided time on their own. Will appear at plot during scheduled period, collect NPC’s, gear, tags, ect and run module.


Module submissions: Must follow the provided form. After running a module annotations about the module must be made. Updates to the module must be provided on the forums within a week after game.

Plot Members: Submits plot modules, on the plot forums, prior to two weeks to event submitted for. Will be responsible for the running of the plots that they are responsible for. These plots are the ones that they submitted and were approved and scheduled, along with any other submissions that they have been assigned to from general submissions.

A Plot member will attend to all aspects of running the modules they are responsible for. They will make sure the props that they need are available by getting them made if needed before event, or making sure that the prop is brought from plot storage. During event they will manage all aspects of running the assigned module, gathering NPC’s (including other plot members), getting NPC sheets printed, players geared up, trained for the module and managed during.