Human are a race with two sub-races: Humans, Tinkers, and Cyborgs.  The maximum racial ability score is ten. All Terrans have access to Morpheus Tech, see the Items chapter for details.


Humans are descendent from the settlers, research teams, and troops that arrived in the Nexus before the Gate War.  Their adaptability and genetically encoded technology provides a distinct advantage represented in their Racial Bonus.  The lifespan of a Human can extend t0 approximately 100 years.

Humans garb ranges from primitive medieval clothing to science fiction fashion.

Racial Costume Requirement:  No make-up requirements

Racial Bonus:  High Tech Use and Gunslinger Feat OR Warrior Feat


Cyborgs are the third Terran sub-race; remnants from the genetically engineered troops of the Gate War.  Able to interface with a unique technology dubbed Morpheus Tech, Cyborgs can have no augmentations or be almost completely mechanical. The life span of Cyborgs is unknown at this time, but speculation places it at approximately 300 years as they are able to replace failing organs and tissue with machine.

Racial Costume Requirement: Approximately 1” by 2” barcode located on the head, neck, hands or wrist.  It cannot be hidden in hair.  The barcode may be hidden with clothing such as scarves, masks, or gloves, however must actually be present on the body.

Racial Bonus: High Tech Use and Gunslinger Feat OR Armor Feat



Tinkers represent a different culture of humanity.  More than simply the descendants of settlers, they believe that their predecessors were the engineers and technicians which operated the dimensional gates.  This society of humanity reveres technology and incorporates this regard into daily life: Tinkers have developed a semi-nomadic lifestyle to continue the pursuit of lost technology and have even extended this to the names of their offspring.  The lifespan of a Tinker can extend to approximately 100 years.

Tinkers prefer human clothing adorned with technology—circuit boards, sprockets, wires, and cogs.  While not limited to, Tinkers can also be seen in steampunk regalia.

Racial Costume Requirement: Gear “tattoo” located on the head, neck, hands, or wrist.  It cannot be hidden in the hair. The gear may be hidden with clothing, but must be present.

Racial Bonus: High Tech Use and Gunslinger Feat OR two ranks in Engineering