Valor Points

The Valor system is something that a character gains access to once they are over 200 skill points. This reflects the generally epic nature of characters at this skill point level and allows you to make further customizations to produce a truly unique character, without drastically increasing the overall power of the character.

For each game that you attend you will gain 1 Valor point that can be spent during your character update.

What follows is an example list of the changes you can make with the Valor system. All of these changes are valid, and you can request the majority of them and we will grant them with no further need for discussion. If there is another change that you would like to use valor points for, you will need to send your idea in and we will discuss it with you.

Name Cost Effect
Self Limb Restore 1 Use the Medic skill to fix your own limbs
Self Surgery 1 Use the Medic skill to perform surgery on yourself
Ritual Specialization 1 Count your Ritual skill as being higher for specific ritual applications
Minor Call Alteration 1 With Plot and Rules approval, change a feats’ call to one in the same ballpark but slightly different flavor (Shatter could become a Corrosive call)
Magic Claws 1 Call for Magic with claw weapons
Claws 2 Gain the ability to grow claws
Surpass Ritual/Engineering 2 Increase Ritual or Engineering to 6
Magical Substitution 3 Replace a base magical call with another unrelated one for 30 minutes (Life as a weapon, War used to heal)
Additional Feat 4 Gain an additional feat you would otherwise qualify for (at least 3 ranks in the appropriate path)
Prestige Race Lvl 2 4 Increase and existing prestige race to Level 2
Thunder Shock 5 Use Thunder Shock 3 times/event
Frost Nova 5 Use Frost Nova 3 times/event
Prestige Race Lvl 3 6 Increase existing prestige race from Level 2 to Level 3
Additional Epic 8 Gain an additional Epic Feat that you would otherwise qualify for (at least 15 ranks in the appropriate path)